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Tarzan Remake Headed to Theaters in 2016 with Independence Day 2

Alexander Skarsgard will be stepping into the role of Tarzan for the Hollywood remake.
Tarzan Remake Headed to Theaters in 2016 with Independence Day 2
Credit: The Wrap

Movie buffs have a very busy 2016 ahead of them with sequels and remakes heading to theaters throughout 2016. It isn’t as if we needed another Tarzan remake, but we are going to be getting one anyways. This one could prove interesting with Alexander Skarsgard taking on the role of Tarzan. He isn’t exactly what you would picture a man who was raised in the jungle to look like, but with a little movie magic, he will certainly do the role justice.

And no Tarzan film would be complete without a Jane. The woman who has been getting a lot of attention lately after starring alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street will be playing the role of Jane Porter. Margot Robbie will be stripping down to leaves. Ladies, this is one sure way to get your guys into the theater. You can check out the hunky “True Blood” star in nothing more than a couple of strategically placed leaves while your man watches the blonde beauty win the jungle man’s heart.

Don’t get too hooked on the whole leaf wardrobe. In this particular story, Tarzan will be headed to London. Samuel L. Jackson and Christopher Waltz are also signed on for the project that will be directed by the guy responsible for the last 3 Harry Potter movies, David Yates. As is the trend in Hollywood, this film will be yet another action-adventure shot in 3-D. It is the wave of the future despite how much audiences complain about the trend. In this particular case, it could prove interesting. Imagine Alexander Skarsgard swinging from a vine directly at you. That could be exciting.

The Tarzan film is expected to be released sometime in mid to late July. The summer movie scene will be very busy. You may want to start saving your pennies now so you can afford the tickets. With several sequels already in the pipeline, the announcement the blockbuster film, Independence Day will be getting a part two is not surprising. It has been talked about for years and now it is finally going to happen. Unfortunately, Will Smith is sticking to his decision to give up doing blockbusters in favor of smaller films.

He hasn’t signed on to star in the sequel to the first film that earned just over $811 million and launched him into the world as a major action star. But, don’t start crying yet. Apparently, he is still flip-flopping back and forth on the project. You know he wants to do it, but he doesn’t want the pressure. What if the film sucks and it fails miserably? Then he will have another big goose egg on his resume after that After Earth horror story. It is definitely a lot of pressure, but if the script is good enough, he could certainly pull off one more blockbuster before giving up the idea of big budget films.

An insider reveals, “I was told not to set this in stone, because Smith has been back and forth before on whether to make the movie, though I hear he is pretty much decided.” As of now, the studio is planning to release the film on the 20th anniversary of the first, July 4, 2016.

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