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Tech By DMG- A Place To Call Home For Techies

Dudley Media Group Is Growing, Tech By DMG is the latest website to go live

Tech By DMG- A Place To Call Home For Techies Over the last few months I have been working on bringing YouTube videos, Articles and tutorials to the masses in an attempt to make working with certain tech related things an easier experience. Since day one I have always been thinking about a way to make things a little easier for you the user to find, navigate and share the content you find most useful.

This is when I decided to make Tech By DMG a reality, and since it’s launch only a few days ago, I can say that it has already been a success. Now don’t get me wrong, things are very much still in the beta phase and plenty is due to change over the coming weeks. Whether you are a Chromebook owner, Linux enthusiest, Android user or more, chances are there will be someinthg usefull for you at at some point or another.

Those that are looking to promote a tech related topic, product or app/program will be happy to know that the website will also be glad to promote and support your cause. Just head on over and click on contact to send us a message and we will go from there. Guest bloggers, there is love for you too over at Tech By DMG if you are looking to gain more exposure or help establish some linkbacks for SEO purposes.

What does the future hold for There is no limit to what might be done, just as long as it relates to technology. From YouTube videos, articles and a forum, the future is looking to include a Podcast as well. This is something that is currently in the works and anyone who is a podcaster themselves who would like to have an episode talking about someinthg tech related, then you too can head over and contact us at

Jonathan Parkinson:
Covering Traveling, Technology & Sports among other such topics, and whether it’s through my writing or creating videos, unique content is what I do. When I’m not busy working, I enjoy a bit of footy, gadgets, traveling and the millions of things in which life has to offer.

Find Me- My Website||Twitter||Google+ ||Facebook||Tech By DMG

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