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Teens Carry Dead Newborn in Shopping Bag to Victoria's Secret

Two teen girls were busted for what security thought was shoplifting at Victoria's Secret, but it turns out they were hiding a dead baby in a bag.

Teens Carry Dead Newborn in Shopping Bag to Victoria
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Shopping at Victoria’s Secret will never be quite the same for some of us after today’s events. Two young girls were busted for suspected shoplifting at the lingerie store, but security got more than they bargained for when they looked in a bag one of the girls was carrying. Inside, they found a dead newborn baby. Somebody certainly has some explaining to do and it isn’t too hard to figure out what probably happened.

The two girls, both 17, have been taken into custody. One is in the hospital and the other is in jail. Guess which one had the baby. When security started rifling through the black shopping bag, they discovered the newborn male in the bottom wrapped up in clothes. Authorities say one of the girls copped to giving birth the day before. She is in the hospital being evaluated.

The Medical Examiner will be performing an autopsy to determine the baby’s cause of death. The situation is just awful. It is hard to say at this point what happened to the baby. He could have been stillborn or suffered some genetic disorder that caused him to die within minutes or hours of his birth. The other scenario is unthinkable.

The girls were acting suspiciously when security decided they better take a look in the bag one of the girl’s was carrying around the store on 34th street in Manhattan. It hasn’t been established the girls were actually stealing. Security was probably suspicious considering the bulk of the bag and the lack of actual purchasing in the store during their visit.

According to some reports, the young lady in the hospital claimed she had a miscarriage. Why she felt the need to carry a dead fetus around is pretty tough to determine. And especially to take the baby out shopping? If she truly did have a late-term miscarriage, her own health would have been in serious jeopardy. It is hard to fathom somebody having a miscarriage late in a pregnancy and then heading to Victoria’s Secret to go shopping the next day, with the dead fetus in tow.

Maybe she was afraid to dispose of the body, which she should have been, but why didn’t she go for help? She is old enough it could have been kept on the down-low. There are plenty of programs available to help teen girls with these kinds of situations. It is hard to imagine anybody being in such dire straits they couldn’t tell anybody about a miscarriage or even the birth of the baby.

What is even worse is the fact that she had a friend with her. Why would anybody go along with carrying a dead baby around in a shopping bag? Is it possible they were looking for somewhere to leave the body? Reports indicate there was no visible trauma to the baby, so hopefully he didn’t suffer from some horrible circumstance. The ME’s findings will likely influence what, if any charges are pressed against the young women.

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