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Television’s Best Couples

Favorite TV couples 

Television’s Best Couples
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Hollywood always has the most romantic stories and couples that Americans love to watch and admire. We are constantly taken to new places and fall in love with our favorite characters. Of course, we’re always rooting for the “will they/won’t they” couples to finally get together. A process that can become quite frustrating if you’re focused on a show that is set to last for more than two seasons. Fans remember how long we had to wait for Special Agent Seeley Booth and Dr. Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan to finally get together on the hit Fox series, Bones.

When these couples finally get together audiences wait with baited breath to make sure they last and last. With all of the television shows on today there are so many couples we find ourselves completely drawn to. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite TV couples of all time.

Ross & Rachel from Friends – What fan of the hit NBC series, Friends wasn’t sitting on the edge of their seats every week waiting for this duo to finally get together? Thankfully we only had to wait one season for them to finally become Ross and Rachel. Or if we were updating their status in the common phrases of today they would be Roschel.

Cliff & Clair from The Cosby Show One of TVs most reliable and most together couples, the Huxtables had the kind of relationship most married people wished they could have. They were happy and even when they weren’t they found a way to come together to make things better before the each episode ended.

Elena & Damon /Elena & Stefan from The Vampire Diaries Okay it’s a bit weird to have a couple of the same girl but two different guys but on The Vampire Diaries, Elena had an epic love affair with Stefan Salvatore, the mysterious vampire, and then as seasons progressed she developed feelings for Stefan’s brother, Damon. We have to admit that we love Elena with either Salvatore brother. We’d be pretty upset if she were with anyone outside of the Salvatore family.

Sookie & Bill from True Blood – They haven’t been a couple for a few seasons now but we still love the idea that perhaps one days these two can work things out and become the human/vampire affair we’ve always loved.

Lorelai & Luke from Gilmore Girls – There has been no will they/won’t they scenario than that of Lorelai Gilmore and the diner owner, Luke Danes. These two, whose feelings for one another was so obvious fans often screamed at their TVs, took their time to get together. The moment they did fans of the series went insane with joy. They were the love story of the 90s.

Derek & Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy These two broke up more than anyone on any TV show, okay maybe not more than Ross & Rachel, but it got to a point that fans became frustratingly annoyed by the consistent breaking up. Finally the couple married and the show’s creator, Shondra Rhimes promised that there would be no more break ups for this doctorial couple.

Donna and David from Beverly Hills, 90210 This cheesy 90s series had many popular couples including bad boy Dylan McKay and Kelly Taylor, but of all the couples on this popular series none were more loved than that of good girl Donna Martin and youngling’, David Silver.

Zack & Kelly from Saved By The Bell There is perhaps no couple more beloved than Zack and Kelly who broke the mold for popular TV couples. These two had the love affair of a lifetime and are still recognized as one of the best.

Melina & Jim from Ghost Whisperer – These two were quite the unrealistic couple considering they barely ever argued. They were so in love that not even Jim’s untimely and ridiculous death could come between them.

Nathan & Haley from One Tree Hill Haley was by far the most down to earth and mature teenager from any television show ever so when she married her high school sweetheart, Nathan before even graduating high school, fans didn’t bat an eye. These two lasted from season one all the way through the series finale, though it wasn’t without bumps in the road. They brought about a new hope for television couples.

Kurt & Blaine from Glee They broke up and then got engaged and the world watched and waited for that moment they could finally see Klaine together again. This male dup has helped shed light on the love that every couple can have for one another, no matter what their sexual preference might be.

Corey & Topanga from Boy Meets World Hello! What couple has been quite as devoted and adorable with one another as they have? Who wasn’t crushed when they broke up? The world jumped for joy when these two finally wed and we are equally as excited to see the spin off show staring their children.

Buffy and Angel from Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Talk about star-crossed lovers. She is sworn to hunt and kill all vampires and he is a vampire, yet somehow they made it work. Well that is until they made love and he turned into a raging psychopath.


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