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Thanksgiving Day is Dead Thanks to Wal-Mart and the Like

Thanksgiving Day is dead in a bid to make money.
Thanksgiving Day is Dead Thanks to Wal-Mart and the Like
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Thanksgiving is dead. One of the longest running traditions in America has been killed by greed. Thanksgiving is a time-honored tradition and it has been pushed out by our need to get really fabulous deals and by retailers trying to one-up each other and get the first dollars of the holiday shopping season.

Black Friday was once one of those really special days you could unite with your fellow shopaholic family members and plan your strategic assault on the retailers offering tremendous deals bright and early Friday morning. After eating a big fat Thanksgiving dinner with family, the ladies would pull off to the side with some refreshments and begin the plan of attack.

Cell phone numbers are exchanged and lists are passed around. In order to be successful, a divide and conquer strategy was always the best bet. The ads are tucked away in your purse, along with your lists, cash, credit cards and it is off to bed in order to get up at 3am to get in line by 4am. Doors open at 6 and the lines build up fast. Some of the die-hards will spend all night, but for those who like warmth and comfort, 4 am is just fine.

Everybody knows to get the good stuff you have to be in line a minimum of 1 hour before the doors open, but 2 to 3 hours ahead is always better. You would come prepared with thermoses of coffee and hot chocolate and snack bars to keep you going. It was the closest thing to the front lines that most women will ever see. And now those good ol’ days are gone.

They have been sucked dry and there are no more planning sessions with your mom, sisters by blood or marriage, and best friends. Now, you are left choosing to shop or enjoy Thanksgiving dinner like it was intended. Retailers have changed the field and Black Friday doesn’t exist. It has been usurped by sales starting on Thanksgiving Day! The day you are supposed to sit around with your loved ones getting fat and happy has been spit on by retailers trying to get your money.

Black Friday has turned into Grey Thursday. Within the next couple of years it will be White Wednesday. By 2018 it will be Taupe Tuesday and ultimately, Mauve Monday. What is the point anymore? Seriously? Grocery stores might as well cancel their big turkey sales because nobody will have time to eat—they will be shopping.

It is disgusting that our culture has accepted this change and some are even embracing it. It is criminal to allow greed and lust for a good deal on an iPad or a flat-screen television to steal away time with family. Is it really so hard to wait 12 hours? 12 hours that you could sleep, eat and spend time with loved ones who may not be here next Thanksgiving.

This insane need to continue to move up the Black Friday sales earlier and earlier is like a cancer. It is corroding our society and it is spreading faster than you can blink. Last year there were maybe 1 or 2 retailers that opened the doors on Thanksgiving. And then Wal-Mart, the store known for people dying during the Black Friday madness, decided to forego midnight on Turkey Day and take it to 6pm. The other big ones like Toys ‘R’ Us and Best Buy are going for 5 pm in a bid to beat Wal-Mart.

Next year, they will push it up until noon on Turkey Day. It is going to keep going this direction unless consumers stop buying into the ridiculousness. Think about this, you are going to miss family time and delicious food for the chance to get 1 of the 5 flat-screens in the store that hundreds of people are going to be fighting for.

Is it really worth it? Be thankful for what you have and the people in your life instead of letting the little green monster rob you of your American values.

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