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The 4 Different Kinds Of Google Chromebook Users.... & Counting

Whether you are a fellow Chromie or not, there is no denying that the Google Chromebook is a fabulous device. 
The 4 Different Kinds Of Google Chromebook Users.... & Counting
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Whether you are a fellow Chromie or not, there is no denying that the Google Chromebook is a fabulous device. The one thing about them that it stands to be talked about is that fact is serves four types of users, not just one. Each has a different use and at an affordable price the gamble seems justifiable, especially when a company such as Google is behind the operating system.

Although I’m only listing four types of users, I can easily see an argument for others to be introduced at a possible future date while Chrome OS continues to mature.

The Chromie

Without a doubt “The Chromie” makes up a majority of the Chromebook owners it seems, and a quick look at some of the communities over at Google+ will further prove that argument. The Chromie is someone who loves all that Google is and has done with not only the simplistic nature of Chrome OS but also with majority of their other services as well.

Once you have completely switched over to using Google’s services such as Gmail, Google Docs, The Chrome Browser and of course Google Drive, it becomes a no brainer to pick up a Chromebook even if it’s just to be used as a “couch potato” device.

The EDU & Business User

This is easily one of the fastest growing classes of Chromebook users on the market, although each of these could garner their own category. Teachers and students have shown a keen interest in taking the education system to the next level, this has been on of the true shining points for Google in providing a useful low budget tool to help teach the future generations to come.

Business owners and corporations who are base there tools online have also found the Chromebook to be a great way to keep all employees on the same page. Not only that, but cutting costs in needing a IT professional has also made these a tempting buy for businesses alike. Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Hangouts and Drive are just some of the useful tools Google provides free of charge that business can take advantage of.

A Non-Techie

Whether it is Grandma and Grandpa or just someone who has other more important things in there life, a Google Chromebook is the simplest solution for those “non-techie” individuals who are just looking to get the basics done.

Windows, OSX and Linux are all usefull operating systems, but if the individual is not that tech savvy, it can become a headache more often thn not. That might be hard for some people to grasp, but there are so many instances in where I get emails, calls or messages asking how to update and/or fix a sudden problem that a Google Chromebook does not have.

GNU/Linux Specialist

My fellow Linux enthusiasts, let me tell you that a Google Chromebook is something we have been wanting for a long time. Now of course there are devices that have better specs, but for the most part a Google Chromebook like the Acer models are more than adequate for most of us. As long as you have 4GB of Ram (yes it runs on 2GB just fine), you will be able to complete 90% or what you are looking for.

With having the option to dual boot both the Chrome OS and Linux(Crouton), the Google Chromebook has turned out to be the best $200 purchase I have made in some time. The only thing I look as a better purchase for a similar price would be a smartphone, as we use those a bit more than a computer (well most of us anyways)

Whether you place yourself in one of these categories or not, the chances are you can be squeezed into one or two of them. The point of this was to point out that the Google Chromebooks are not just for users looking for a “web browser”, but rather a device capable of helping a whole plethora of users. The future is bright for Chromebooks and as the world becomes more and more connected on the internet level, it is only going to get brighter.

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