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The Best Coffee in The United States

Coffee Time! 

The Best Coffee in The United States

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! The word needs to be said more than once because coffee is such a crucial part of everyday life, well at least for this writer it is. There is something to be said about a delicious cup of coffee to start one’s day of right. For most Americans one of the first tasks of their day is to either make or purchase a cup of coffee to get them moving in the morning. Some people have a much stricter routine about their coffee than others but none-the-less coffee is part of the American culture and this shows no signs of changing any time soon.

For this writer, coffee is one of the most important parts of my day. Without it one simply cannot function. There are thousands of coffee options including a few variety flavors such as caramel, hazelnut and French vanilla and with all these options it is difficult to determine which is the best one for your morning. Have no fear Dudley Media Group is here to help. This writer took on the daunting task of traveling around over the last few years to determine where to find the best and most delicious cups of coffee ever.

The Black Cow (Pleasantville, NY) – Come in to this small town and venture over to Wheeler Avenue where you’ll find a small but delicious coffee shop. The atmosphere is very homey and low key, it isn’t the type of place one would go if they wanted a cup of coffee in a rush. Most patrons make their way to the cow to have a leisurely cup of coffee while reading a book or working on their laptops. The coffee is reasonably priced and there is a variety of specialty drink options but going for a simple cup of coffee is the best bet at this one-of-a-kind shop. The coffee is smooth, hot and not at all bitter, which some coffees can be. It gives you that jolt you need to get moving in the morning and that extra boost of energy when you’re dragging your feet in the middle of the day. Coffee Recommendation: Iced Coffee

The Mudd Truck (New York City) – In the city that never sleeps coffee is absolutely crucial, obviously you can’t have a city that never sleeps without having coffee. Don’t have time to stop in a store and wait on a long line to grab your cup of Joe? No problem simply head down to the village or Union Square and you’ll likely find the Mudd Truck that carries with it some of the best coffee you have ever tasted. The coffee is strong but not bitter and is the perfect start or end of your day. Coffee Recommendation: Large Hot Coffee.

The Coffee Bean (Los Angeles, California) - Okay, so this writer is partial to Los Angeles so basically anything there is going to be good to her however, many Angelinos would agree that The Coffee Bean is definitely the go-to place. The location this writer ventured to was on Hollywood Blvd. right across the street from the Kodak Theater. This location puts you right in the middle of the action, right in the middle of Hollywood. The shop itself is rather small and once it fills up good luck getting a seat, but it is well planned out and the workers are friendly and welcoming. The coffee is relative to Starbucks without the bitter burnt taste of course. If you find yourself in California, be sure to check out one of the many Coffee Bean locations before heading back home. Coffee Recommendation: Iced Vanilla Latte.

Quartermaine Coffee Roasters (Bethesda, Maryland) - If you want strong coffee that has a taste you won’t soon forget, in a good way, then make your way to Bethesda, Maryland and stop by Quartermaine Coffee Roasters. Their coffee is superb and their location is prime, resting along a strip of shops from Barnes & Noble to some boutique clothing stores. Quartermaine is yet another small coffee shop that welcomes customers to sit and enjoy their coffee of choice or take it to go. Whatever way you like it it is yours and it is always served with a smile. What’s more, this delicious coffee can be ordered and shipped to you within the United States. What can be better? Coffee Recommendation: Medium hot coffee.

Coffee Labs Roasters (Tarrytown, New York) - This writer would be remiss if she did not mention one of the most unique coffee shops around, Coffee Labs Roasters located next door to the Tarrytown Music Hall. This roaster not only serves some of the best coffee you've ever tasted, that is brewed fresh everyday in the store for patron to enjoy but your canine companions are welcome to join you as well. The name Coffee Labs didn't come from a hat, it was designed to pay tribute to our four legged friends. Although a few years ago one disgruntled man nearly ruined the entire atmosphere of the coffee shop when he demanded that dogs be removed from the premises, they have returned and customers both new and old couldn't be happier. Coffee Recommendation: Chai Latte. 

Boston Common Coffee (Boston, Massachusetts) - As a New Yorker and a die hard Yankees fan it is difficult for this writer to say nice things about the home of the Red Sox however, one cannot deny the delicious taste of the coffee at Boston Common Coffee. Upon entering this coffee shop you’re immediately hit with the delicious smell of coffee and some of the best baked goods around. Its no wonder this place is always hopping with customers anxious for their daily fix. Grab your cup of coffee and a freshly baked donut and enjoy the rest of all Boston has to offer, but don’t go near Fenway Park if you’re a New Yorker! Coffee Recommendation: Caramel Latte and a donut

Breaking New Grounds (Perkins Cove, Maine) - First of all you cannot beat the view of this coffee shop that sits at the very end of Perkins Cove. Grab a cup of coffee, doesn't matter what it is everything is delicious in here, and sit outside and enjoy a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean. Take in the smells of the coffee brewing and the ocean as the waves crash against the rocks. Perkins Cove is a small town located within Ogunquit, Maine, which is one of the most beautiful spots in the state. Shops, restaurants and beautiful views embody Perkins Cove and this new coffee shop is the perfect way to end your evening in this perfect little town. Coffee Recommendation: Anything so long as you enjoy it outside while taking in the view!




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