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The Best Vampire Books and Movies

Best vampire books/movies

The Best Vampire Books and Movies
Photo Credit: L.J. Smith

Vampires are everywhere and we mean everywhere. They are in books, movies, magazines, and cartoons and on television. No matter where you turn it seems there is a vampire lurking not far behind you. Of course, this isn’t a bad thing because vampires are awesome and the modern day vampire is pretty sexy if you ask us. It is hard to pin point the best vampires and where they hail from however, we are certainly willing to give it a try.

We have gone through the hundreds of vampire books, movies and television shows over a period of a few years and decided which ones we thought were the absolute best. The below list is the outcome:


Interview With a Vampire by Anne Rice (Book/Movie): Okay so this is killing two birds with one stone because it was first a book and then became one of the last great vampire movies of our time. This book/movie had vampires at their best both attractive and horrifying. They didn’t sparkle; they caught fire in the sun. They had fangs and certainly didn’t fall in love with humans. They were the ultimate vampires and the series was painfully addicting and well written.

Dead Until Dark/True Blood (Book/TV): Vampire Bill, not the typical vampire name but what a sexy badass he was. This book series turned into an HBO show has revitalized the vampire craze and has shown what it takes to turn a fabulous book series into an equally fabulous television series.

I am Legend (Book/Movie): The focus of this book and movie wasn’t entirely on the vampire species but it still qualifies to be on our list because it captivated us in ways we never imagined from something missing a sexy vampire man. And the movie showcased talent that many people didn’t realize Will Smith had. He carried the film all on his own for nearly two-hours, that is not an easy thing to do.

The Vampire Diaries (Book/TV): This book series had some drama of its own when the original writer, L.J. Smith was basically fired from writing her own book series, but none-the-less the series captivated audiences and made fans fall in love with the vampires in the books before the TV show ever came around. Of course, when this happened the females of the world were reintroduced to Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley…hello boys!!

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