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The Chargers & Raiders May Look To Share The Same Stadium In The Future

Lets Just Be Friends, Or Not

The Chargers & Raiders May Look To Share The Same Stadium In The Future

NFL-- Those of you that have been paying attention to the NFL over the past 20 years or so, or have had the opportunity to visit a bar in California while the Raiders and Chargers play one another will know the rivalry is strong between the two teams. Talks have emerged that the two teams may have an even closer rivalry as a proposed idea of both franchises joining forces to build a new stadium at a new location.

Nothing has been officially announced just yet but there have been rumors floating about over the past week that this is a possibility. However it could also be a way for each franchise to put pressure on other proposed ideas for a new stadium to happen sooner rather than later.

The Chargers have been looking to build a new stadium in San Diego but to no avail, while the Raiders have been talking about a few different locations ranging from going back to Los Angeles and even moving to San Antonio Texas. Though with both teams having a hard time reaching a deal with any new market, it seems as if they will attempt to join forces off the field since we know that would never be happening on the field.

This news has not been sitting well with fans of both teams as their publicized hate for one another has been from the basic rivalry one would expect all the way to causing some unneeded injuries and even death. Realistically I couldn't see both teams using one stadium even though Carson, California has been named as the area of interest to further continue this idea.

The only reason I could see this happening would be due to the blackouts both franchises have in what seems like a yearly thing. In the NFL, if you do not sell enough seats for a nationally televised game, then another game will be aired instead. No one want’s to see empty seats while watching a game on TV, it just makes the game seem unimportant.

Personally I think the teams should focus on making the playoffs rather than looking to spend money on a new stadium just yet. Otherwise it seems as if the owners only care about getting richer, no matter how well or how poorly their franchise competes in America's greatest game, the NFL.

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