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The Colts Hang On And Beat The Texans On Thursday Night Football

The Colts Win To Hold Onto The Division Lead
The Colts Hang On And Beat The Texans On Thursday Night Football

TNF-- It’s not always about how to you finish just as long as you get off to a hot enough start as Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts proved against the Houston Texans. With most sports pundits and fans alike complaining about how the Thursday night football matches have been more of a blowout on average than a entertaining game, this was a game that the NFL needed.

When the ball first kicked off to start the game, it was Andrew Luck and the Colts who jumped out to an astonishing lead at 24-0 by the end of the first quarter. However this wouldn't be a “typical” Thursday night NFL game to which the Houston Texans would bounce back and make a spectacle out of it.

Late in the 4th quarter it was non other than Houston Texans J.J Watt who returned a fumble for a touchdown to cut the Colts lead to 5. The Colts though weren't about to give up such a monstrous lead and also take a lose to go along with it. With the Texans down by just 5 points and driving towards an unthinkable comeback, Ryan Fitzpatrick fumbled the football on a sack, which then gave the Indianapolis Colts an easy road to kneel out the clock and grab the win.

Within the last 5 minutes of the game not only did Houston Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick fumble to cost them the game, but number one wideout Andre Johnson also coughed up the ball to the opposition with a fumble. This moves the Texans to 3-3 on the season, although it will leave them still in second place in the division. The Tennessee Titans maintaining their pitiful 1-4 record and the Jacksonville Jaguars are even worse in having yet to win a game.

Andrew Luck finished with almost 400 yards passing(370), however it was teammate T.Y Hilton who has a career day in notching 223 yards receiving and a touchdown to go along with the victory. This keeps the Colts in first place in the division with only the San Diego Chargers and The Cincinnati Bengals being the only two teams who could have the best records in the entire AFC.

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