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The Cultured Pearl restaurant of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

An incredible sushi bar with an amazing menu and a beautiful restaurant

The Cultured Pearl restaurant of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
Rehoboth beach photo by Jodi Emmer

While spending some time with my family at Rehoboth Beach this past summer I got to really get a great look at this town and appreciate some of the finer places in this city.

During the summertime, Rehoboth beach is packed with people and cars and screaming children and its somewhere around 98 degrees Fahrenheit every day in the hot sun, and there is no shady place to park your vehicle.  When it does on occasion rain, everyone heads to the exact same places, the outlets, the movie theatres and all the restaurants.

At Rehoboth beach not only will it take you thirty minutes to drive five miles, but you will wait forty minutes to an hour for a table at Applebee’s during a thunderstorm.  Seasonal cities are unbelievably popular during the season that it was designed to be popular for.  At any rate, we stayed in a lovely three floor condominium which slept fifteen people and we could park four cars there without any problem whatsoever.  It was about a one mile walk to the beach, which we ended up having to do in order to get ourselves home from the fourth of July fireworks, but it was so worth it.  Even being a mile from the beach was really nice. 

The twenty minute walk to Starbucks every morning becomes a fitness routine and you learn to enjoy it without complaining.  The only real complaint I ever have about Rehoboth is the lines that you end up waiting for everything.  Restaurants area joke, you always end up waiting at least an hour for a table and that makes it quite impossible to take twin baby girls into certain establishments because they do not have any patience.  You wait in line for coffee and to use the public bathrooms.  At one point because there were fifteen of us, I had to go do laundry in a Laundromat and that was pretty time consuming.

My absolute favorite place ended up being this beautiful restaurant on Main Street called The Cultured Pearl.  It was Japanese and it had the heart of the delicacy down to a wonderful formula.  The Cultured Pearl was established in 1993 and it was the main sushi bar at that time.  It has continued to blossom and thrive in this cutting edge and competitive environment of beach restaurants.

The menu has everything you could ever want in a sushi bar.  There was Shrimp Tempura (my personal favorite) chicken Teriyaki, Thai stir fry, Salmon, Tuna, Shrimp, miso soup and a selection of hand rolled maki sushi rolls that offered everything.  Tuna, Salmon, Eel, crab, avocado all the famous sushi rolls were all done on the premises and exquisitely made to order and delicious to the last crumb.

The ambience is incredible.  It has a rather large goldfish stream that curves around the entire outside seating area.  There are a lot of places to sit, indoors and outdoors or at the bar.  You could watch the sun set over Rehoboth from the outdoor patio every night if you wanted to. 

The Cultured Pearl located at 301 Rehoboth Avenue Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  The telephone number is (302) 227-8493 and they have live music there much of the summer nights.  Lots of events and private parties go on there as well.  Possibly the best restaurant in Delaware.


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