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The Deal Isn't Done Yet, But Apple May Be Buying Beats To Actually Hire Dre and Lovine

Is looking to make Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine apart of Apple's future, speculation shows that might be the case

The Deal Isn

APPLE INC-- When the news first broke that Apple would be buying the Beats music service from Dr. Dre, the first thing most people said after spitting out some coffee was, “for how much!?”. With reports saying that Apple was snatching up the streaming music service for an estimated $3.2 billion, most journalists and pundits alike thought there was more to the deal than what was originally reported. Now it’s showing that the deal was not only for the music but also the two partners who built it, both Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine.

This makes a bit more sense, well maybe not the price tag but the reason why they were buying up a music streaming service when they already have one incorporated with iTunes. The source that is reporting this in unnamed but those that have been at the first hand account of the details say it is extremely trustworthy, in which the source was quoted as saying, "They want Jimmy and they want Dre," and that "He's got fashion and culture completely locked up."

Although the deal is yet to be 100% a done deal, the close source says this has been in the works for some time now. Though it is estimated by the source that the current deal is at about 70% out of the 100% needed to finalize everything. The Wall Street Journal has also furthered the speculation that the deal is nearly done, as bot Dr. Dre(Andrea Young) and Jimmy Lovine would take senior positions within Apple once it is final.

The details are not quite done yet, as there are a few loose ends that need to be tied up. Such as Jimmy Lovine needing to step down from his chairman seat at Interscope Geffen A&M before he could step into his rumored role at Apple. A separate speculation has been raised that Jimmy may stay with his current position and just serve an “advisor role” to Tim Cook of Apple.

Whether or not the deal will be finalized is still unclear, but what is clear is the effort Apple is putting in to the 2014 calendar year so far. Could this be the step in the right direction Apple has been missing in recent years past? Only time will tell and of course the approval of all parties to ensure deals get done in a reasonably fashionable time.

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