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The End Is Near For The Google Nexus Product Line

Look's like the Google Nexus line has come to an end and the new Android Silver is the next unveiling for Google.

The End Is Near For The Google Nexus Product Line

GOOGLE INC-- Where there is smoke there is fire as they say, and Google’s Nexus line has had rumors of the recent Nexus 5 as being the last line from that product line. In replacement of Nexus is to be also rumored as code name as ‘Project Android Silver’. This is  said to be mostly focused on Google’s services in a way as if the Google Play Edition and Nexus smartphones were combined as one.

The marketing of the new Google smartphone line is also said to be already as far into production as agreeing with various store franchise in placing a booth with product displays. With Google said to be more interested in taking charge of this project directly, as recently the Android division was usually left to itself to run all the operations.

Motorola and LG have also been reported to be on board with Google's new project, as Google has already invested up to a Billion dollars so far. This leaves the actual manufacturing of the devices down to 3rd party manufacturers. A strong view in seeing the Google want to focus on the actual “consciousness”  of the devices and leave the physical parts to others.

The rumors continue to show that Google is also looking to make the devices in the higher end market, maybe an attempt to have all areas of the market covered with the also reportedly $50 phones coming out soon. Now with Android Wear already being shown using the Google Now interface in the commercial, this could all be lining up with a 3 piece “Google Outfit” in using the watch, phone and of course the controversial Google Glass.

More information is bound to become available as soon as Google I/O nears or is upon us. Whether you are a fan of Google or not it’s good to see the competition on the tech industry as fierce and to the highest standards. This alone is the main driving factor for the consumers to have the opportunity to purchase the best that can be offered.

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