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The Gaza Conflict - The Governments Look To Be The Only Winner

While innocent people die, the political agendas still turn in the background in looking to make a profit of the situation as it has been done so in the past(sadly).

The Gaza Conflict - The Governments Look To Be The Only Winner

GAZA-- Even if you have been sleeping under a rock for the past week or two, chances are you were still aware of the Gaza conflict that is currently underway in the middle east. Since sometime in the summer of 2006, which was the result of an overwhelming election that saw a heavy number of Islamic based Hamas elected officials into office. Fast forward a few years to today and we are in the midst of an escalated conflict seeing thousands of innocents die on both sides of the ongoing debacle.

The middle east is no stranger to conflicts, wars and unfortunately death as most religions consider the area the holy land. However, it seems the the governments of the world see it more of kind of “slave area” for resources and pushing potential agendas in their home countries. Now when I mention slave” I want to make sure I am clear with what I mean, as the internet is notorious for mosquitoes to suit a particular individuals agenda.

Whether it’s oil, drugs or selling war machines, the middle east is profitable for other countries as if the area is a piece of farmland in which they can own and produce monetary gains. What most people aren't realizing is the role new media and technology has in all this. Whereas it feels as if this conflict is worse than any previous conflict in the history of the area, when that isn't necessarily the case, it’s just more publicized.

Social media and camera phones in everyone's pockets are turning an event that would normally be only viewable from your local news, national news channel or through a magazine/newspaper into a worldwide spectacle for all to voice their opinions and/or beliefs.

This area can be set off by the simplest of gestures such as offending another person's belief, which is ironic with “god” being of a more peaceful origins in mainstream religions.

On one side you have the largest military in the world (US) who are looking to help Israel as it has been in the past, and if there is one thing the US want’s to do, it’s to stay involved with the middle east and spend more tax dollars. Halliburton must be licking their lips right now and crunching the numbers to see how much money they are about to make off this horrific ordeal.

I just hope for the innocents on both sides of this horrific event that this is over sooner rather than later, as governments on both sides are looking use this conflict as a political agenda, instead of what they really are, humans like me and you.

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