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The Hottest Scottish Actors

They can leave their kilts on our floors any day.
The Hottest Scottish Actors
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There must be something in the water.  Nearly every actor we can think of who hails from Scotland is either gorgeous or insanely talented - sometimes both!

Here are a list of some of our favorite Scottish hunks.

James McAvoy

McAvoy is one dreamy dude.  He can be absolutely adorable as Professor X in the rebooted X-Men films, or downright steamy-sexy, like in 2007’s Atonement (which, incidentally, he starred in alongside a then-unknown-in-the-States Benedict Cumberbatch).  He has been married to Anne-Marie Duff since 2006, and she is one lucky lady, that’s for sure.  We don’t care whether we’re watching him make love to Keira Knightley in a library or putting his fingers to the side of his head to read our minds, we’d volunteer to be the Mystique to his Charles Xavier any day of the week.

David Tennant

Everyone’s favorite Doctor on Doctor Who (okay, maybe not everyone's, but it’s a friggin’ lot), Tennant has been melting (more) American hearts since he first showed up in the TARDIS in 2005.  Last year, he played DI Alec Hardy in the haunting and thoroughly engaging Broadchurch, an American version of which entitled Gracepoint has already begun filming.  While Americanizing British shows has had about a 50/50 shot of working out in the past, we’re hoping that Tennant’s presence (despite taking on an American accent) helps it lean more toward the favorable end of things.

John Barrowman

To Whovians, mention the name “Captain Jack,” and you’ll think of this guy.  Barrowman is ridiculously sexy, and his husband is, rather impossibly, just as cute as he is.  Seriously, these two had better never break up - they are arguably the most adorable couple on the planet ever.  And yet something about Barrowman’s suave and light-hearted demeanor ("All the single ladies!"), coupled with those gorgeous locks you just want to tousle, doesn’t sway us ladies away, even though his heart is already spoken for.

Peter Capaldi

There’s something about Doctor Who and its abundance of Scottish actors.  Right now, the 'tweens who jumped on board the Who train simply because “Matt Smith is so dreamy!” are getting off at the next step upon seeing the older Capaldi rolling into town.  But mark our words - those who stick around for the show and not just the eye candy will find themselves falling for Capaldi’s Doctor as well, even if he may be more of a hit with the 30 and older crowd.  We have no idea what kind of Doctor Capaldi will be as of yet, but we’ve been more than ready, willing, and able to fall in love with all the rest, so what’s one more?  Plus, Capaldi's just so damn classy, and classy always equals sexy.

Gerard Butler

Butler is one of those guys that has his moments.  When he looks good, he looks really good.  And when he doesn’t look as good, he still has amazing abs.  We fell in love with Butler in 2004’s The Phantom of the Opera, and he played up the “look how easy it is to be handsome” guy in 2007’s P.S. I Love You and 2009’s The Ugly Truth.  While we could even get behind his rugged look in 2003’s Timeline, seeing him as “King Leonidas” in 2006’s 300 never fails to make us laugh.  But again, those abs, though.

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