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The Jonas Brothers Call It A Day

Jonas Brothers over!

The Jonas Brothers Call It A Day
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The hearts of young girls are breaking today as it has been officially announced that The Jonas Brothers have disbanded. Boy bands have long been the object of young girl’s affections and when the news breaks that some of these bands have decided to go their separate ways, their fans are left scratching their heads and wondering what to do with the rest of their lives without their favorite heartthrob and his band. Bands can’t last forever, the boys turn into men and they begin to have families and other interests than parading around in front of thousands of screaming teenage girls.

The disbandment of The Jonas Brothers should come as no surprise to their fans as they had already cancelled their upcoming tour due to a major issue within the band. According to Kevin Jonas, oldest Jonas brother, the band has broken up, “for now.” While this disbandment may not be forever it is definitely for a while. The band decided this without a second thought and all agreed it was time to take a break. Although according to this writer, the brothers aren’t exactly old enough or been around long enough in the industry to merit being too worn out to continue on right now.

A few years ago the boy band craze was at it’s absolute peak with The Backstreet Boys, Nsync, and 98°.  Girls rushed to grab their copies of their favorite boy band’s new album and hoped that each sale would help their favorites surpass the competition. The boy band competition began to filter out into the fans where it truly began to heat up. Fans would be on one another to defend and explain why their boy band of choice was better than the next; it became a media frenzy to continue to break the so-called, “rivalry stories,” among the boy bands. The music industry is so vast that a rivalry was truly unnecessary. The Jonas Brothers were never truly involved in any of the boy band rivalries as they began with the Disney Channel and a Disney original film called, “Camp Rock.”

Boy bands such as Nsync, 98° and even The Backstreet Boys, who recently made a strong comeback with all five original members, have disbanded in the past leaving their fans praying for yesterday. It seems, though, that no matter what age these boy banders get they can never truly say goodbye to the industry and the fans they have loved for all those years. Fans of the Jonas Brothers should fear not as the group has not said that the disbandment will be forever and this writer is sure, despite her hopes, that the brothers will find their way back together and back on the road. Though one less Disney, industry processed, boy band on the planet is one more rock band waiting for their turn in the spotlight.

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