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The Media Profits From These SJW Campaigns, That's Why They Do It

The Media Is The Ultimate SJW And Making Money Off It Too

The Media Profits From These SJW Campaigns, That

There is no denying that the United States is starting to get a little too touchy feely these days and I am not talking about the government. More and more videos, campaigns and whatnot are coming out that are attempting to put pressure on the general population to change. However what isn’t being talked about is the money mainstream media is profiting off these tactics in attempting to uproot an emption in as many people as possible.

Now I am all for working on making things as fair as possible but let’s be honest, nothing is perfect and nothing will ever be, that’s the beauty of life actually. The reason there are so many unique people for example is due to the different genetic makeups that has evolved over time, though it seems everyone wants everyone else to abide by their rules or feelings or so the media would have you think.

On an individual level it is a different story and can be worked on in small groups, but just as Republicans and Democrats will disagree because they are stuck in their “no matter what” the other says they are always wrong kind of mentality, the media is taking grasp of that and selling it to the masses in a new format. There are plenty of examples to look at but let’s look at one in particular to start, and remember the cause is not what I am worried about because many of those are very serious matters, it’s the exploitation by the media that is slapping us in the face that I have a problem with.

The NFL runs a “Just say NO” campaign on domestic violence, more specifically on men hitting women although the role is reversed in more cases than some may think, but those men are classed as “weak” by other males. 1-4 women have had some sort of domestic abuse moment in their lifetime, however the NFL will run commercial after commercial due to it’s players being amped up more than the average male on who knows what and also has a pretty bad track record as seen at the beginning of the 2014 season. The real issue I have with this is the fact the NFL is a nonprofit organization that thinks a few commercials should suffice, um how about you donate some of those billions if you feel so strongly about it since you don't pay taxes.

Those of use, male or female that would never fall under any of these categories such as domestic violence get sick and tired of having this shoved down our throats. I have spoken to both sexes and we all agree, a commercial was nice in the beginning but banging the same drum over and over again will start to cause individuals to drown out the noise. Therapy and being aware of those that have a “hot” head is going to bring in better results in prevention.

When your parents told you not to do something when you were a child you were probably more often than not going to test on why they said no in the first place.  All I am saying is let’s look to do some real change and not just rely on commercials in which these same media outlets are profiting from and the victims are getting nothing. Not everyone needs to be reminded, some of us had parents or loved ones that gave us some good moral values, and I am sorry if you were someone who didn't get that but those of use that did don’t need to be guilted into being apart of a crowd that needs help. Let's help those that need it and not let the media depict everyone is at fault and the opportunity for them to make a profit 

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