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The New Samsung "iPhone" Is Here?

Samsung Builds An New I mean New Galaxy S6

The New Samsung "iPhone" Is Here?

iSUNG- Today Samsung released the anticipated next version of their Galaxy S smartphone line. Though many are starting to speculate that Samsung is looking a little too much like one of its fiercest competitors phone model, the iPhone. Though it isn't a new revelation that Apple has been taking a few(many) pages from the Android operating system in it’s latest OS update, through the form factor itself has been distinguishable and different.

You can hear the ballpoint pens clicking away as Apple lawyers are undoubtedly going to take this to court, but then again what’s new. In recent times Samsung has been talking a lot about finally making it’s move away from Android onto its own OW, Tizen. This seems that the company is now taking it’s design and looking to be more appealing to a “refined” palate.

One would only need to look at the Samsung Galaxy Active smartphone models to see that the company was slowly making it’s way into an iPhone like device. The fingerprint scanner was implemented a model back, the metal frame was used in the Active models and now the form factor looks almost spot on.

Personally I couldn't care less, I’m not paid by either Apple or Samsung, so screaming out loud or smashing some keys on my keyboard with complaints on how they look alike isn't going to earn me any extra cash. However, even though the forma factors of most smartphones will get eerily closer in styles, form factor and even quality of build, I think the ecosystem is going to be the real point to emphasis as all devices will be “smart” in some point of time.

The iPhone makes a larger device like the Samsung Note series and Samsung makes a device that looks more of quality. Even on the software side of things it seems as if Samsung has toned it down a bit to make things “easier” to use, just as the iPhone has been deemed so easy even your grandma would buy it.

The real issue for most Samsung enthusiasts would be the lack of ability to remove the battery and no external SD card slot. Both of those are necessities for me, so speaking purely on speculation without have actually used the device for an extended period of time, I will not be buying another Samsung smartphone.

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