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The Presidential Race Is Full Of Losers, But We Are The Real Losers

Can We Not Vote For A Loser Please

The Presidential Race Is Full Of Losers, But We Are The Real Losers

PRESIDENTIAL-- The race to become the next US President is starting to heat up as a few runners have announced their bid already. The Republican nominees are looking to be a full house and then some while the Democrats are a one horse race with Hillary Clinton being almost locked in as that party's candidate since Elizabeth Warren announced she will not be joining the race.

However we need not forget that all the choices we are given are never made by us, the people, but rather by hand shakes and back rubs from corporate sponsors. The race is played up by the media who are also looking for some in house favors by the winner, only for the citizens to be left out in the rain.

Why can't we decide that none of the presidential hopefuls are fit for office and to lead the number one country in the world? Do we have a reset button or maybe even a voice to speak up with, I mean it is our right and our civic duty to keep our government in check. Alas it seems that even this great nation has been hijacked by those with other plans.

WIth the internet, more specifically the World Wide Web being in everyone's pocket these days, I think it is time for the entire election to have an overhaul. Cheating and scandals are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to politics, not just in the country but in every country worldwide.

As long as we are divided into two parties, an elephant and/or a donkey, then it will be easier to divide out vote and keep the blame on each other, rather than the entirety of the system as a whole. Hopefully more of us are starting to wake up to this house of mirrors we have built in the USA, I know it isn’t something that will occur overnight but lets just hope something happens before a president decides to try and shut down our effort to have real democracy.

A New Trend Is In Order,


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