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The Rejection Letter – Every Authors Worst Nightmare

The vicious cycle of being a writer

The Rejection Letter – Every Authors Worst Nightmare
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Writing is one of the most magical and wonderful talents a person can have but it’s not without it’s difficulties. Writers come in all shapes and sizes and in varying forms. There are journalists who focus on getting the truth, or are supposed to get the truth, to their readers. There are scriptwriters who bring the world exciting and thrilling television shows, movies and plays and of course there are authors who bring magical stories to life through the pages of their elaborate books. Regardless of the outlet writers have the ability to tell intense stories and bring their readers to places they never dreamt they could travel.

As is with any career or dream, especially in the creative field, there are those who would tear you down and break the spark that your dreams provided you with. So how do they do this, well they send you a rejection letter. These letters are something that would-be authors are all-too familiar with.

The rejection letter comes whenever an author submits their manuscript, that they no doubt spent months even years working on. Pouring their heart into the story and making it the best they possibly could. Once they believe their story is complete, once their heart is out in the open and written on the page they will send it to a wide range of publishers or literary agents, depending upon their needs or desires, in the hopes that they will see the gold written within the pages of the book.

Once they’ve submitted the awful waiting game comes around and then the terrible reality of the rejection letter. Most rejection letters are general statements about how the agent or publisher wasn’t captivated enough with the story, or how they have far too many projects to take on anymore. These are kind enough but they don’t make the writer feel any less discouraged. Of course, not all rejection letters are as kind. Some editors and literary agents believe they hold the keys to the kingdom and therefore their rejections reflect their, “holier than thou,” mind frame.

Since writer’s are exceptionally creative their minds are more sensitive and therefore they take things far more seriously. This can create havoc on their hearts when the rejections come flying in and pile up in stacks in the writer’s inbox. With each new rejection letter a piece of that writer’s hope and dreams dies. It’s a terribly vicious cycle that writer’s will go through on a continuous basis until they strike that one golden ticket, that one publisher who will see them for what they are worth. Only them will they find a true home for their books

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