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The San Francisco 49ers Sign RB Reggie Bush

The San Francisco 49ers Sign RB Reggie Bush

NFL-- Reggie Bush is returning to California by signing a deal with the San Francisco 49ers that registers for 2 years. The 30 year old still has a few yards left in the tank and can help to give Colin Kaepernick a nice option coming out of the backfield. Reggie Bush has gone over 6.0 yards per catch over the last 5 years and also racked up an average of about 4.3 yards per carry.

The signing comes after a lot of bad news for the bay team, in seeings long time veteran Frank Goar sign with the Colts, Patrick Willis announcing his sudden retirement and of course the removal of head coach John Harbaugh last year. Bush usually has his best year with a new team in the first season as shown in his last two signings with Miami and Detroit.

As long as he can stay healthy he can almost certainly add 1,000 yards on the ground and air at the very least. Colin Kaepernick is going to be on a short leash this year many speculate as he will be expected to make that next step into solidifying his places as the 49ers franchise quarterback.

Kendall Hunter is also in the backfield, so the two should compliment each other nicely if the O-line can hold back the rush and open up a few holes. Reggie Bush will have an extra stride in his step now that he is back where he wants to be, at least for the first few weeks at least.

Reggie Bush sent out a tweet after the news broke,

@ReggieBush “The best is yet to come #49ers”

The San Francisco 49ers were not the only team interested in the services of Reggie Bush, the Detroit Lions were thinking about resigning him but the savings of nearly $2 million was too much to pass up. The Lions are in a cash strapped season in having some large contracts on their record books.

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