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The Steamiest Sex Scenes in Recent Film

These knew just how to bring our deepest fantasies to pulsating life.
The Steamiest Sex Scenes in Recent Film
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Some films have such great sex scenes in them that they set ridiculously high standards for our ever achieving that level of hotness in our own lives.  Either the actors are way too pretty, and are therefore significantly out of our league, or the circumstances that could ever set us up for equitable situations of steaminess could only happen in the movies.

Here are six films that featured some of the sexiest love scenes to ever grace the screen.  Some of these scenes bloomed from the sweetest of romances, a la Annette and Sebastian of Cruel Intentions, while others are just steeped in raw passion and hot sex!  These were the scenes that either made us glad our parents weren’t around, or made us feel all kinds of awkward if they happened to walk in.


I may be biased here, because I find James McAvoy to be absolutely delicious.  Though, I had never heard of him when I first saw this film, and yet its sex scene certainly resonated enough to stay with me long after I had seen the film, particularly because it is so pivotal to the plot but also because it is downright perfect.  Well, until Briony interrupts it, of course.  This is every straight girl’s fantasy - being so in love with a man that you can’t even tell him without crying, so he saves you the trouble.  McAvoy strides across the room and promptly begins making out with Keira Knightley, which quickly leads to more.  And who wouldn’t want their first time together to be in a library?  Hello, classy!

8 Mile

Two aspects of this film were particularly incredible - the rap battle at the end, and the sex scene between Eminem and Brittany Murphy that caused some folks to question if they were acting or actually doing the deed.  Watching the scene again, it’s pretty difficult to tell, considering the primal satisfaction on both of their faces.  One thing that’s not in question is how hot this scene is, even all these years later.

Black Swan

Sure, Natalie Portman’s character might, in reality, have been having sex with her mother.  While that’s pretty damn disturbing, it doesn’t make her sex scene with Mila Kunis any less hot.  Though, the fact that Kunis looks a lot like Nina’s mother throughout is probably not just a coincidence, which tends to put a damper on the whole thing, making us feel frankly dirty after it’s over.


Diane Lane's bored housewife character was a cheating whore.  But her sex scene with the luscious Olivier Martinez almost made us okay with infidelity.  Almost.  Their rip-your-clothes-off passion got even hotter when she tried to end things with him, making this film a live-action Harlequin romance novel.

Dirty Dancing

This is one of the hottest foreplay scenes in cinematic history, and you don’t even get to see the good part.  Though, can you even hear Solomon Burke’s “Cry to Me” to this day without feeling intoxicated by the fantasy of dancing nearly topless with a topless Patrick Swayze?

Pump Up the Volume

Much like the love scene from Dirty Dancing, Pump Up the Volume’s foreplay scene’s sexiness lies in its music.  Ivan Neville’s “Why Can’t I Fall in Love?” is the perfect backdrop to Christian Slater’s character’s shy broodiness (i.e. irresistible sex appeal) as he proceeds to slow-dance topless with Samantha Mathis.  If we were her, we’d support his radio station, too - yum.

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