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The Stoic Adventure of Jason Lewis

Incredible odyssey of the first man who circumnavigated around the globe without a motor or a sail

The Stoic Adventure of Jason Lewis
Expedition 360 "The Seed Buried Deep" photo by Jason Lewis

Back in December I had the fortune and the honor to interview, Jason Lewis, about his life and his books and his extraordinary adventure of 46,505 miles to become the first person to ever circumnavigate the Earth without the use of motors or sails.

Award-winning adventurer, author and environmentalist activist, Jason Lewis is enthralling us with his compelling and captivating story of what it takes to be such a man to complete a human powered expedition that took him thirteen years to complete.  He walked, cycled, and skated across five continents and kayaked, swam, rowed and pedaled a boat across the seas and oceans of his journeys.

He has just released his second book about his incredible journey entitled “The Seed Buried Deep (The Expedition #2)

In his first book, Jason begins his initial plan about how to arrange the voyage with his friend Steven Smith.  There are many exciting details that begin to unfold in the telling of his story, Jason is attacked by a crocodile  in Queensland , Australia and a bunch of Australian teenagers and a few teachers decide to join Jason on his bicycle ride through Australia. It takes him 88 days to complete the bicycle ride through Australia.  Jason even gets malaria at one point in his journey through Australia.

The second part of the three part trilogy which is where we are at now,” The Seed buried Deep “becomes the very intensely challenging part of his story.  As Jason was rollerblading across the United States he was hit by a drunk driver and left for dead at the side of the road in Colorado.  At this point, Jason has no idea if he was ever going to finish the journey, or ever even be able to walk again on his shattered left leg.

It takes a very powerful and soul engaging, spiritual man to have to deal with these kinds of traumatic events that were being thrown at him.  In our interview about this subject, Jason only told his story with great honesty and integrity.  He never complained or in any way felt like he was being punished or even wasting any time about complaining about the person who hit him.  He only showed gratitude and a devotion to his recovery.

He played out the hand that was dealt to him with the integrity of a Warrior, or a Prince.  He found the courage within his soul to commit himself to recovering from the horrendous accident and to move forward.  He took an unplanned vacation in Colorado at a rehabilitation hospital for six weeks and then spent another seven and a half months recuperating at his Doctor’s 400 acre ranch as a guest until he was well enough to heal and continue his ultimate goal to circumnavigate the world.  At one point he had no idea if he was going to be finishing his journey because they didn't know if they were going to amputate his left leg due to the severity of his injuries.

 Dr. Danylchuk was able to save his leg and be the one to invite Jason to spend the rest of his recovery at his private home in Colorado so Jason could save the rest of his money for his trip.  Jason showed us great survivor ship traits in his journey and in his recovery from this incident.

So please check out his book, available through, you will not be disappointed in this story; it is an incredible tale of modern stoicism and a man and his resilience.  True Courage is very hard to find these days, but we find it in Jason Lewis

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