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The Streets Of Brazil Fill Up With Unhappy Protesters

The Streets Of Brazil Fill Up With Unhappy Protesters

BRAZIL-- Protesting is a way to gain the attention of those that are being protested against, such as a corporation, law or in Brazil's example, their government. Nearly a million protesters took the streets in Brazil to showcase their frustrations at the President, corruption and depleted economy. There was not a single city in which this took place but rather multiple cities across the country.

The protesters are seeking for the impeachment of left-wing president Dilma Rousseff, and since the World Cup last year produced high priced watches as gifts to FIFA personal with tax money, Brazilians have only increased in their dissatisfaction of what they voted for.

In 2011 Dilma Rousseff took office in Brazil and during that same time persian it was also the time the local economy took a turn for the worst. Having only been reelected for her second term just 5 months ago, just like the US, an impeachment is probably not going to happen with the amount of loopholes placed in between the people and the officials.

Now of course Rousseff has her close political allies who have jumped up to comment and try to smooth out the uproar. In saying it is the peoples right to protest. in the same breath stated people are upset due to their political candidate having lost a few months prior. The making is forcing governments to be more transparent whether they want to oblige or not.

The people of Brazil feel as if they have been betrayed, proof is easily seen when many of the protesters are in fact from the “wealthier” classes. Just in 2015 alone the Brazilian currency has lost 22% of its value when compared to the US dollar. While inflation has reached a 10 year high, the protesting may slow down but the voice of the people will only grow louder.

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