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The Top 5 Lesser-Known Evanescence Songs

If you never heard the first two albums from Evanescence in full, then you might be missing out on some great stuff.

American rock band Evanescence came in with a roar back in 2003 with their successful studio album Fallen.  (Having a couple of songs in the blockbuster film Daredevil probably didn’t hurt either - a film that had a way better soundtrack than it did a plot.) 

Evanescence has been through their fair share of turmoil in the past, what with the sudden departure of guitarist Ben Moody mid-tour and at the peak of their success in 2003, followed by Will Boyd (bassist) in ‘06 and John LeCompt (guitar) and Rocky Gray (drums) in ‘07.  Lead singer Amy Lee has also, per TMZ, started a lawsuit against Wind-Up Records for unpaid royalties, and according to Lee’s Twitter account, the band members have since become free agents.

In happier news, it will surely be a while before we see any new material from the group, as Lee announced her pregnancy back in January, the father being her husband, Josh Hartzler. 

Let’s take a look now at our five favorite lesser-known Evanescence songs.

5.  “Hello” (from the album Fallen)

“Hello” is the ninth track on Fallen, and it is beautiful in that gothic piano style that was used more prominently throughout the album.  Like the song “Like You” from The Open Door, this song was written from Lee’s younger point of view about the unfortunate death of her sister Bonnie when Lee was six years old and her sister three.

4.  “Weight of the World” (from the album The Open Door)

“Weight of the World” is one of many well-crafted tracks on the band’s sophomore studio album.  What makes “Weight of the World” so good in particular is that it continues the strong opening that the first two tracks on the album (“Sweet Sacrifice” and “Call Me When You’re Sober”) had previously set up.  It’s easy to lose steam by the third track on any album, but “Weight of the World” carries us right along on a rock trifecta until finally slowing down with the album’s fourth track, “Lithium.”

3.  “Cloud Nine” (from the album The Open Door)

This fifth track from the The Open Door captures that bitterness and heartbreak that Lee has always been so good at injecting into her lyrics.  Some people get sad over break-ups, others get angry.  Lee is definitely in with the latter crowd.

2.  “Tourniquet” (Soul Embraced cover) (from the album Fallen)

The lyrics to this Soul Embraced cover could be held up as a perfect example as to why Evanescence was temporarily associated with the Christian music label when Fallen was first released.  The band has since dissociated themselves from the genre, insisting that their music is more secular and serves more of an entertainment purpose.  Either way, we still think “Tourniquet” is a pretty dope hard rocker of a track, the lyrics being of no moment.

1.  “Lose Control” (from the album The Open Door)

“Lose Control” was unlike pretty much everything Evanescence had ever done up to that point, at least lyrically.  The act of sexual aggression was not, and still isn’t, one commonly explored by the band, and we appreciate this track for its ability to stand out.  Interestingly, most of the tracks on The Open Door were co-written by Lee and Terry Balsamo, and it is these tracks that we feel makes the album as strong as it is.

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