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The United States Scariest Haunted Attractions

Some of the best haunted attractions for Halloween

The United States Scariest Haunted Attractions

Halloween is right around the corner, which means people are going to be looking for the best attractions in the United States to visit this year. There is a world of options out there for thrill seekers to get their kicks over Halloween time at one of the many terrifying haunted houses. There are hundreds of them but here is a list of some of the very best.

The Queen Mary in Long Beach, California: The 12-deck ship in Southern California has seven hauntingly frightening mazes, a “fright mistress,” who remains in her lair waiting for victims to pass by, a “Dome of Doom,” that is a 45,000 square foot dance hall of fears and chilling haunts all topped off with a all the blood and gore Halloween fans can handle. Fans can participate in this floating haunted house while being entertained by live bands and dance parties.

Hangman’s House of Horrors in Fort Worth, Texas: The legend of the 19th century murderous hangman was the perfect set up for a Halloween attraction. The legend goes that the hangman hung his victims along the Trinity River, before he met his fate at the hands of an angry mob. However, legend has it that the hangman didn’t really die, as his body was never truly buried. The frightening Halloween thriller has three frightening attractions including The Cirque de Fantomes, Hillbillies Revenge and the new and improved 3D Funhouse.

Thrillvania in Terrell, Texas: There is a famous plantation in Texas that has a variety of haunted attractions that include the famous, “Labyrinth of Terror,” where visitors will come across the spirit of Lady Cassandra including terrifying visuals of the Lady’s horrifying past. If they can survive Cassandra they will face Dr. Lycan’s “Trail of Torment,” complete with psychologists who do terrible experiments on their visitors at the plantation and finally make their way to Voodoo Bayou to face down terrifying creatures from beneath the bayou.

Bates Motel in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania: Everyone knows the story of Psycho, the Alfred Hitchcock horror film and the famous Bates Motel and now the famed hotel is becoming a terrifying Halloween attraction. The attraction allows its visitors to explore the hotel and all of its gore-filled surprises. The hotel attraction is complete with a haunted hayride within the haunted forests filled with creatures that comes straight from nightmares.

Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: This haunted attraction is unique because it is created around the real-life penitentiary and all of its fantastic elements. This attraction is created on the 11-acre land with 5 different sections of haunted house including a new attraction called, “Night Watch,” where scare seekers can walk through the dark areas with nothing but a flashlight for guidance.


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