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The Vampire Diaries Stuns Fans With Shocking Season Finale


The Vampire Diaries Stuns Fans With Shocking Season Finale
Photo Credit: The CW

If there is one thing we, as Vampire Diaries fans, are used to it’s shocking season finales of the hit CW series but even the most experienced of fans couldn’t have predicted the outcome of last night’s season five finale. As we had been preparing for since we learned that the other side was crumbling the reality of the situation came full circle in the finale last night.

The Travelers became a real pain in the you-know-what and their attempts to rid the world of witch magic, and vampires, really plagued Mystic Falls. It was this writer’s hope that the finale would see their demise, which is exactly what happened. Our favorite gang of supernaturals and Matt Donovan finally figured out a way to rid the world of the Travelers and undo the magic tearing up the lives of the supernatural creatures inhabiting Mystic Falls.

Unfortunately the body count on the crumbling other side had already begun starting with Tyler Lockwood and Liv’s annoying brother who was slightly responsible for Stefan’s death in the first place. Caroline killed Liv’s brother to use it as leverage to convince the witch to help them cast a spell to help those on the other side pass through Bonnie, the anchor. Meanwhile back in Mystic Falls Damon has devised a plan to blow up the town and all of the Travelers with it. Of course, in order for Liv to do the spell she needs a Traveler to give her the spell. This is where Enzo comes in, with all his broody sexiness. He has found a Traveler willing to help there’s just one problem said Traveler is Silas. Yes, that would be Stefan’s Doppelgänger and one evil vampire/witch.

Once Elena learns of Damon’s suicidal plans she immediately takes the passenger seat unwilling to let the love of her life die without her in tow. Their entire salvation rests on the spell that Liv is doing to bring them back from the other side. As the spell is put into action Silas gets sucked into oblivion before he is able to pass through to the land of the living. The Travelers meet a similar fate but Enzo, who is one of the first to pass through, makes sure his life is spared before anyone else’s…classic Enzo.

This is where this writer gets excited because Elena runs into Alaric who is quickly brought back to life by Bonnie, FINALLY!!! It has been the fans hope and this writer’s prayer that Alaric would be brought back, although he really never should have died in the first place.

In all the finales and episodes of The Vampire Diaries the one thing we knew could never and would never happen would be the death of Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) aka, the epitome of the show. It was a given that no matter how many times his life was put in danger we knew that he would walk away unscathed and alive and well. So you can imagine our shock when the spell was broken before Damon was able to pass back through.

No you’re not delusional or reading things, Damon Salvatore is dead and stuck on the other side as it crumbles around him. This writer is sure you’re sitting there in complete disbelief, us too. How can a show kill off the character that carries it every week? Is this really happening, did the unthinkable really take place?


Will Damon be brought back or is he gone for good? You decide in our comments section below!

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