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The Vampire Diaries: "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here"

The Vampire Diaries: "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here"

Stop everything, Damon Salvatore is back from the dead. All is right with the world again!! Okay, fine I'm pushing it a little but is it bad that I am unbelievably excited that Damon has been saved? Now if only Elena hadn't forgotten that she was desperately in love with him. Oh well, let's recap last night's fantastic episode shall we. 

Elena has invited her new friend, Liam, to the maze as her date…can you say awkward considering her boyfriend, Damon is on the other side desperately trying to get back to her. Meanwhile Stefan has enlisted Caroline’s help in taming his newly turned girlfriend, Ivy. A task Caroline is none-to-thrilled with considering Stefan has been ignoring her for the last few months. Ivy is not one for being vampire-sat so she snaps Caroline’s neck and begins to prowl the streets around Whitmore College.

On the other side Damon and Bonnie are preparing to use the spell Kai claims to know to get them back to the land of the living however, the Bennett witch soon realizes that their psycho-other side-buddy doesn’t know the spell but simply needed a Bennett witch to figure it out. With this in mind Bonnie kills Kai and she and Damon being the spell on their own.

Unfortunately killing Kai, while he’s already dead, isn’t exactly their best solution and he disrupts their progress toward life again. When Bonnie is shot by Kai with an arrow she realizes she won’t make it and throws the device at Damon that zaps him out of the purgatory they were in.

At the cornfield Elena has secretly set Alaric and Dr. Jo up but when Tyler’s truck plows through the maze it is up to our four heroes, including Liam to try to save as many lives as possible. This is of course, a lot easier for Elena since she can just feed the victims her blood and they’re good as new. Once the chaos dies down Alaric tries to compel Jo into not wanting to kiss him but once he is done Jo surprises him with a kiss. I’m sorry the Doctor can’t be compelled…HOW?!

Poor Tyler though he has plowed down one of Ivy’s meals and is now left with the knowledge that if the boy dies he will be cursed once again as a werewolf. In order to save her crush from this devastating curse, Liv kills the injured boy so she is responsible not Tyler. Talk about devotion!

Closed-off Stefan has finally gone to the Salvatore family crypt to visit Damon and is finally showing some real emotions. Geez it only took five episodes! He chucks a bottle of alcohol meaning for it to crash against a wall but Damon, who has returned from the dead, catches it and we have one of the most wonderfully emotional moments of the series! It’s a much-anticipated reunion but what will happen when Damon and Elena see one another again considering she thinks she hates him? Nothing is ever simple with them is it?


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