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The Viking Apocalypse Is Upon Us

Ragnarok is upon us

The Viking Apocalypse Is Upon Us
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Hold tight everybody because there is yet another apocalypse looming over our heads. We keep thinking that we’re save, that the world is not going to end in our lifetime and yet here were are once again with another deadly prediction. Yes, that’s right just when we thought we survived 12/21/12 we are blessed with yet another end of the world prediction, this time it’s coming from the Vikings.

According to the Vikings the world is going to end this coming weekend on February 22, 2014 to be exact. The Viking’s Armageddon called, Ragnarok, is definitely upon us according to Jorvik Viking Centre experts.

Norse mythology has remained quite dormant over the last few years, with exception of the Thor movies that have come out recently, and therefore no one really paid any mind to the mythology that states that the world is going to end two-days from now. According to the legend the Earth will open up and unleash all of Hell’s residents on us.

So what will bring on this new Armageddon? Well that’s simple, if you have read the Thor comics. According to the mythology the end of the world will begin with a battle between Thor, Loki, Odin, Freyer and Hermodr.

In this battle king Odin will die at the hands of Fennir along with other high profile Gods. This will force the world to fall into the ocean and all life on earth will come to an end, as we know it. However, there is hope post-apocalypse, as the world will come out again and the human survivors will be able to repopulate mankind.

According to believers events have already come to light leading up to Ragnarok, where the Wolf Fennir, the son of Loki, has escaped from prison and Migard, a giant serpent has already come forth from the seas. The Vikings said that Ragnarok would begin following three consecutive winters without any summer.

Across Britain Norsemen have begun celebrating the culmination of Ragnarok with the Jorvik festival that will run from February 15 straight through doomsday and onto February 28, 2014. The festival coordinators are promising to provide its attendees with apocalypse survival tools.

Of course, once Saturday comes and goes without any signs of Norse-Gods it will be looped right in with the Mayan Apocalypse and all the other doomsday predictions that have not come to fruition. This does beg the question though, if the battle includes Loki, does that mean Tom Hiddleston will take over the world, because I’d be okay with that.

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