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'The Walking Dead' Mid-Season Poster--Rick and Carl On Their Own

A poster for the return of The Walking Dead has some wondering about the fate of many of the lead characters.
Credit: AMC

After the mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead” in December, people are left twiddling their thumbs as they contemplate who will have been killed off. We have come to expect it. Unlike most series, lead roles are expendable on the show. It is incredibly nerve-wracking to have to sit and wait to find out if your favorite character is still alive and basically well.  A new promotional picture for the return of season 4 has got some people wondering what the writers have planned for the remaining season.

In the new poster, Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and his son, Carl or Chandler Riggs, are seen heading down a desolate set of railroad tracks. They are all alone. The caption on the poster reads, “Don’t look back.” Does that mean they will not be meeting up with their merry band of survivors? Say it isn’t so! Where is Daryl? We know he lived—right? Judith was missing from the carseat, but there is still hope. We didn’t see her dead. We have seen people we thought were killed off show up without a hair out of place.

We have been given some hints about what the second half of season 4 holds. We know that Rick is going to lose it, again, over the potential death of Judith. Trailers show Carl trying to wake up his dad. Whether it is from a nightmare or some drug-induced sleeping spell, we don’t know. Executive producer Scott Gimple hints that Carl could very well become the leader or at least more of a leader than he already is. Daryl has always been second in command, but if the father and son are on their own it will be on Carl to keep his dad alive while he works through the aftermath of the prison massacre. Gimple says, “It’s going to hit [Rick] in a way that we haven’t seen before.” Okay, just my personal opinion, but I don’t care for the crazy Rick. He already mourned his wife and went a little crazy. We know he is a human and that he has a soft spot. Let’s not get carried away. He can mourn for an episode or two, but then he needs to get it together.

Now, I personally have not read the comics (not a comic fan) but those who have read the books the series is based on have revealed that the slaughter will wipe out a lot of the main characters. And if it isn’t the prison slaughter that depletes the number of survivors, expect another one as the season finale. In the meantime, Carl and Rick are on their own for a bit and Carl is most definitely the one who steps up and helps his daddy survive not only the zombies, but the overwhelming grief.

Despite the series being based on the comics, there have already been some differences between the comics and the television series. So those who are convinced certain characters die off should be prepared to see them again in the rest of season 4. Expect Carol to pop up. That is a given, but will she have Judith? Hard to say and that is exactly why everybody will be sitting in front of their televisions (or computers) on February 9 waiting to see who lived and who died.

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