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The Walking Dead Premieres With Excitement But Comes Up Short

The Walking Dead Premieres 4th Season 

The Walking Dead Premieres With Excitement But Comes Up Short
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The ‘Walkers,’ are back and they are back with a vengeance and a frightening new threat no one saw coming. However, one thing that was clearly missing was the psychotic and brainwashing, Governor. An absence that many fans might have been happy about. Last season gave Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs), Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) and the rest of his group a new enemy, one that was very much alive and kicking and that was the Governor, a seemingly kind man who welcomed people into his, “safe,” community of Woodbury. Of course, as can be expected from an apocalypse, nothing is ever as wonderful as it seems. When one of Rick’s own, Andrea (Laurie Holden) realizes that the Governor has less than welcoming thoughts about Andrea’s new-found family, she warns Rick and the rest of the gang and they are forced into action. Where last season left off with Rick and his group infiltrating Woodbury to rescue Andrea and Daryl and bringing a large majority of the residents of Woodbury back to their jail safe haven for survival.

The new season began, in what seemed to be a few months later, with new orders and livelihood at the jail. Almost immediately audiences can see a potential danger to the jailhouse residents, as the ‘Walkers,” force their weight onto the fences surrounding the jail. It can be assumed that the gate will not hold for much longer and much like many times before, Rick and his group will be forced to find safety elsewhere. As the episode progresses more ‘Walkers’ make their way into terrifying situations for Daryl and a few newcomers when they go out for a food and supply run at a local store. ‘Walkers,’ come literally raining down from above them and threaten to take the lives of everyone inside. However, our heroes emerge with only one casualty. We begin to see the potential new threat when one of the new comers claims he is feeling ill and needs to go and rest. This illness eventually takes his life and he turns into a ‘Walker,’ as everyone does when they die. It is implied that his sickness came from the water inside and surrounding the jail, posing a terrifying and silent threat. This new threat puts everyone at risk and gives audiences that chill of fear that comes with not knowing if their favorite character will survive for much longer.

While the show always has the ability to shock and surprise audiences, last night’s premiere fell a bit short. After last season’s explosive season finale a lot was expected of the season premiere and while there were more ‘Walkers,” excitement was less frequent than fans would have liked. The new threat will surely make the season an interesting one and even though the premiere fell slightly short, the season will surely have twists and turns that leave jaws slammed on the floor.

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