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The Week 6 NFL Recap

The NFL week 6 post-match in a nutshell
The Week 6 NFL Recap


NFL-- Week 6 is almost come to an end and Monday night Football is all we have left with the San Francisco 49ers are traveling to Missouri to take on the St. Louis Rams. This past Sunday saw a lot of action from some teams, while their opponents seemed to have forgotten that they were in a NFL game. Let’s take a look at how the teams faired out over the course of week 6’s Sunday NFL matchups.

TNF: Indianapolis 33 Houston 28

The Colts came out red hot and posted up 24 points in the first quarter, but the Texans raced back to make a game of it. With two recovered fumbles in the last five minutes by the Colts defence, Houston literally game the game away to fall to .500.

New England 37  Buffalo  22

After last weeks match, many people in the media were questioning if it was time to bench Tom Brady and give backup Jimmy Garoppolo a chance. Well it looks like those media pundits will be eating their words a little bit as Tom threw for 4 touchdowns and his 60th 300 yard game.

Carolina 37 Cincinnati 37

This was a close matchup that turned out to end just as it started, tied, though the score was finalized at 37 a piece. No one likes a tie and this could come back to bite both teams later in the season when it comes to getting into the playoffs or even placing them in a much harder seeding.

Pittsburgh 10 Cleveland 31

By the time this game made it to the halftime you could already see that this game was already over, though it was Cleveland who were putting on the performance of a lifetime. Brian Hoyer is putting up a strong argument as to why he should be the man to lead Browns into the foreseeable future.

Green Bay 27 Miami 24

Miami came on with a strong performance in the fourth quarter and look to have the momentum on their side, but Aaron Rodgers had another idea in mind. With just 3 seconds on the clock and a drive down to a goal line play, Aaron Rodgers threw a 3 yard pass to tight end Andrew Quarless to give Green Bay the win in a comeback of the week performance.

Detroit 17 Minnesota 3

Both Calvin Johnson and Reggie Bush were sidelined for this match while Matthew Stafford looked like a sub par quarterback at best. While Minnesota's quarterback Teddy Bridgewater threw a total of 3 interceptions in the match, giving Detroit's defence plenty of motivation to help guide their team to a victory.

Denver 31 NY Jets 17

Peyton Manning is still showing that surgery and age isn't going to stop him for going after what he wants once again, a Super Bowl championship. Throwing for 3 more touchdowns and coming to just 3 shy of Brett Favre's all time record, and let’s be honest, the it’s more about Payton's Legacy than Denver's Organization, though both can claim a victory if it ends with another Lombardi trophy.

Baltimore 48 Tampa Bay 17

Joe Flacco tied an NFL record by throwing 5 touchdowns in the first half while the Baltimore Ravens cruised to an easy victory. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers looked to have given up by the second half and coach Lovie Smith echoed similar remarks in the post game match.

Jacksonville 14 Tennessee 16

If a high scoring game isn't your thing then this matchup would have been perfect for you. Jacksonville is still looking for their first win of the season and Tennessee blocked a field goal in the finale moments of the game to break a four game losing streak. Both teams need a total overhaul from the office to the team, top to bottom.

San Diego 31 Oakland 28

Last week was San Diego's time to shine as sports pundits across the nation were talking them into the Super Bowl, though the Raiders almost pulled off a big upset against them this week to make that vision seem see through.

Washington 20 Arizona 30

While Carson Palmer came back after a 5 week hiatus, Washington has now lost a total of 13 games out of the last 14. Washington's Logo is an embarrassment not only to a culture but also as a product of the NFL, this organization needs a new owner badly.

Chicago 27 Atlanta 13

Jay Cutler threw for over 300 yards but only managed one score, while Matt Forte found the endzone twice to seal a win for the Chicago Bears. Matt Ryan is looking like it might not be his destiny to be the face of the franchise for the Atlanta Falcons as they fall to 2-4 on the season.

Dallas 30 Seattle 23

It looks like Dallas might be the real deal finally with a stout defence as they routed the super bowl champions at home to a once unthinkable achievement. Seattle's offence was stuttering for most of the game, while Tony Romo came up with a few clutch plays and the whole team will be smiles on their flight back to Dallas.

NY Giants 0 Philadelphia 27

There isn't much to talk about in this game other than that the Giants are horrible and the Eagles are not. Unfortunately it looks like wide receiver Victor Cruz is going to be out for the remainder of the season.

MNF: San Francisco 31 St Louis 17

A surprise of the week was to see quarterback Colin Kaepernick threw for over 300 yards and added 3 touchdowns. The Rams were leading by 14 after just the first quarter, but San Francisco was not about to breakdown as they came back to what became an easy victory.


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