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Things to see in New Orleans that are really cool

Above ground cemeteries are extremely common in New Orleans

Things to see in New Orleans that are really cool
Lafayette Cemetery of New Orleans Garden District photo by Jodi emmer

In the wondrous world of New Orleans, there are many things to see and experience.  If one is staying near Magazine Street in the Garden District, one could accidentally walk onto the hauntingly beautiful, Lafayette Cemetery.

It is impossible to take a bad picture with all the old stone work in the back ground.  People visit the graves and leave things at the grave sites such as mardi gras beads and toys and other objects are simply left as gifts for the dead.

You will likely see other photographers in the cemetery as you walk around enjoying the view and the humid, hot air.  Sometimes there are funeral processions.

Funeral Processions in New Orleans are like none other in the world.  There is a full horn section that accompanies the casket being brought to the cemetery.  It is almost like a party when someone dies.

The entire city is a bit unusual.  People open their restaurants for complete strangers to eat gumbo on account of the pride of their city’s hospitality and pride of their city’s fine food.  Walking around there is no lack of people to talk to about getting directions to the proper area you wish to visit.  Approaching anyone is especially easy in this strange southern town.  They are the friendliest people in the world.

There are artists in every direction.  People paint on the streets and sidewalks all over the French Quarter.  There is live music all over the French Quarter as well.  I happened upon a dance troupe at one point in the French Quarter and I ended up photographing the photographers who were taking pictures of the event as it unfolded.  I believe I was under some sort of spell to capture a different perspective of how to photograph what was the most unusual part of the day.

There are cooking classes all over town.  Learning to make Louisiana gumbo or beignets is quite a talent.  The freshly made beignets are some of the finest pastry you will ever eat.  Try to have one at Café Du Monde in the French Quarter with coffee. They have an open window next to the cooking and preparation area so you can simply watch the magic of beignet making as it is happening at Café Du Monde. 

There are treasures to be found all over New Orleans.  Vintage and second hand clothing and accessory shops are all over the town.  There are ghost and haunted tourist outings to see some of the parts of town that are assumed to be haunted by the ancient voodoo curses that once ruled this land.  There are also Alligator tours to go on if one wishes to spend some time on a boat in a swamp. 

Flying in and out of New Orleans airport is also a great experience with the exception of afternoon thunderstorms; the airport keeps things moving quite a lot.  I was having a conversation with a New Orleans police officer at the time of my arrival and he told me that famous politicians and celebrities arrive into New Orleans every day sometimes.  This Police man could not contain himself as he showed me all the photos he had of himself with Ted Kennedy and a few other people like Brad Pitt.  The city is an amazing experience.



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