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Things To Think About Before You Buy A Google Chromebook

Things To Think About Before You Buy A Google Chromebook

CHROMEBOOK-- There is no denying it now that Google’s take on cheap alternatives to what was once considered a pricey PC market is paying off. The moderately priced Chromebooks have been a hit success in both students and non students alike. However before you go ahead and make the purchase of any ol Chromebook there are a few things you should consider.

The Obvious:

First off there is the obvious, the details in which each model of a Chromebook boasts about no matter who the manufacturer may be. Whether it is the battery life, Ports, Color, Screen Quality or something along those lines, these are what we consider to be obvious. The next two sections are going to be where the Chromebooks really break up and divide themselves into select categories.

The Upgradable:

Whether you are buying a Google Chromebook or a Chromebox, knowing if a particular device can be upgrade is important. When mentioning an “upgrade” we are talking about the storage size and RAM. Some Chrome OS devices can upgrade one or both the storage space and the RAM size.

The Processor:

Here is a personal deal breaker for me when it comes to inquiring about buying a new Chromebook &/or Chromebox. Those that plan on only sticking with the Chrome OS side of things then this won't be as big of a factor, but for anyone looking to install Crouton(dual boot Linux) or completely remove Chrome OS and replace it with a Linux distro, then buy an Intel based device. Intel has been around since the dawn of time(jokes) so software compatibility is abundant, those that have an Intel device will have hundreds of more options it not thousands.

Having had 3 generations of Chrome OS devices now I can say the only mistake I have had so far is buying a non Intel based Chromebook for my first purchase. Since then I have made sure to go over all the details thoroughly and can honestly say these have been the best bang for your buck devices I have had the pleasure of buying in a very long time. The Acer Chromebooks seem to make the best “workhorse” devices, even though they may not be the prettiest, they are built to work efficiently.

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