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Top Bed & Breakfast Spots

Stay at these incredible bed-and-breakfasts

Top Bed & Breakfast Spots
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Traveling is exciting, thrilling, relaxing (sometimes) but above all it gives you a chance to experience something, or someplace new. Of course, a lot of the experience revolves around finding the right place to stay. Having a reliable and comfortable place to rest one’s head after a long day of traveling adventure is crucial to ensuring you have a spectacular vacation and therefore the hotel or bed-and- breakfast you choose must be just the right one.

Most travelers chose to stay at a well-known hotel or motel however, there are those who want a more unique experience and will chose to stay at a bed-and-breakfast. These spots can be a bit trickier because they are as popular or well known as your Hiltons or your Marriotts. That however, does not mean that they are any less comfortable and wonderful to stay at. With this in mind here are some of the best bed-and-breakfasts in the world.

In Amsterdam you can stay at the bed-and-breakfast, Le Quartier Sonang. Here you can enjoy the peaceful comfort of a townhouse life in the popular tourist spot in Amsterdam. The townhouses provide visitors with two luxury mini-suites in an incredibly stunning 19th century townhouse setting. Visitors can explore the district and see the museums and theaters, which are all just a few blocks away.

Visiting Bournemouth, England anytime soon? Be sure to check in at Bed and Breakfast by the Beach. This beautiful bed-and-breakfast has miles upon miles of stunning beaches and is located only a few miles from Christchurch. It is a must for anyone planning a trip to Bournemouth.

Back here in the United States you can take a trip to Napa Valley, California and stay at the Arbor Guest House. In the heart of wine country this quaint bed-and-breakfast combines the excitement of antiques with the comfort of the modern lifestyle we are all so used too.  

Still keeping within our beautiful United States of America take a visit to the beautiful little town of Newport, Rhode Island and check in to the Cliffside Inn Bed and Breakfast. This B&B is located in the historic district of R.I. and is only a few feet away from the spectacular and breathtaking Cliff Walk. With a Victorian feel and elegance to the rooms this special place is a popular one for tourists looking for a weekend getaway.

Travel just north of Rhode Island and make your way into Nantucket, Massachusetts so you can experience the comfort of the Union Street Inn. Here you can expect home cooked meals, private bathrooms and the ability to relax in front of a warm fire. Once you do decide to venture outside you can explore all that downtown Nantucket has to offer.



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