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Top Music Streaming Services That Make Sense Part 1

Streaming Music To Your Ears

Top Music Streaming Services That Make Sense Part 1

MUSIC-- When it comes to getting the latest music while having access to a large library of past hits, a streaming service is going to be the best option. The question then comes down to which service is going to be best suited for you and those needs. One thing that you should always take into consideration is how a particular service is going to be accessed, most have mobile apps as well as a website in which you can access the music, however do those same services have options to stream directly to other devices utilizing such tools as a Chromecast or Apple TV?


I have been an on again off again user of Songza for the past few years, having said that I totally love the way this service is setup. The UI is easy to navigate and even hints at suggestions at what you may want to listen to at a certain day of the week as well as what time of day it is. Google acquired Songza in 2014 and some of the features are seen in their Google Play Music app. Songza is free to use but you can always join “Club Songza” to skip as many songs as you want and create endless playlists, Club Songza costs $3.99 a month.

Google Play Music

Speaking of Google, the tech giant like Apple has their own music streaming service. However there is no “free” version to listen to music even with ads, but they are constantly giving away free music and whole albums weekly. The streaming service allows you to download music and save it for offline listening for $9.99 a month. If you are lucky enough to run into a deal in which the monthly fee is dropped and you use Android, I would highly suggest to purchase it as it will lock in your price.

iTunes Radio

Apple has iTunes and then they have iTunes Radio that allows users to stream DJ curated stations for free. Ads are included for it to be a free service hence the word “radio” is in the name. This service is like Pandora with a UI overhaul and the Apple logo slapped on the side, which is not bad thing but should be something all Apple users consider in taking advantage of since it is tailor to the iOS 7+ ecosystem with Apple TV support.

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