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Top Music Streaming Services That Make Sense Part 2

Part 2

Top Music Streaming Services That Make Sense Part 2

MUSIC-- Lets continue on our journey to find the best streaming music service that works best for you. So far we have covered Songza, Google Play Music & iTunes Radio in the previous article which can be found HERE. Here are a few other options that are available across more than one platform.


Unless you have been sleeping under a rock, chances are you have heard the music streaming service that goes by the name Pandora. This is considered the godfather for streaming music since mobile platforms became popular. This service is available for free with ads included or for $4.99 a month for Pandora One with no ads. Using a thumbs up and thumbs down rating system, the more you rate the better experience you will have in the music that is selected based on your previous ratings.


Spotify and Google Play Music are similar in many features such as price $9.99 a month, the ability to use it across almost every platform and also having the ability to save music for offline use. However unlike Google's streaming service, Spotify also has a free to stream service, but just like all the others ads are included. This streaming service is seen as the evolved state of what Pandora is and many features have been updated. Spotify is probably the best service to choose for anyone not looking to use the options Google or Apple provides.


Unlike all the previously listed music streaming services, Soundcloud takes another approach and captivates a different audience. Instead of listening to “mainstream” artists, Soundcloud promotes musicians, podcasters and producers who are not signed to a major label. Those that are into the electronic scene will enjoy all the producers out there that are constantly dropping new mixes or tracks as a hobby or side gig.

What streaming service do you use the most? If it isn't listed in this article or in part 1 then list it in the comment section and as to why you use it for other readers can check it out. There is no such thing as “perfection” but at least we have plenty of options to find the best music streaming service that is best suited for your personal needs.

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