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Top Phobias

Fear is a natural part of life. 
Top Phobias
Fear is a natural part of life. Above all, we are afraid of the unknown which is the building block for all other phobias. We are afraid of loss and death because they are uncharted territories, but more so we fear these things because we can not control them. “Letting go” is not an easy thing to do, so we avoid our fears.

Maybe I went a little too deep. Everyone is afraid of something, so if your phobia makes the top ten list then know that you are most definitely not alone out there.

Mysophobia- Can not tolerate anything deemed “unclean”. Remember that show Monk? That guy. Related to OCD tendencies.

Pteromerhanophobia- The fear of flying through the atmosphere at hundreds of miles per hour. They often have nightmares about skydiving and must be gradually introduced into flying in airplanes.

Sociophobias- Any social interactions cause mild to severe panic attacks. These people often become hermits and gamers and hold a premium subscription to Netflix.

Trypanophobia- The haunting fear of injections (typically not heroin addicts). They do not donate blood.

Astraphobia- Fear of lightening and thunder storms. This occurs when one survives a lightening strike(s).

This fear led to the creation of the Greek god Zeus.

Cynophobia- Fear of doggie-woggies. This fear is associated with traumatic childhood dog attacks. The bark is usually worse than the bite.

Ophidiophobia- Slithery snake phobia. These people probably never saw the movie Anaconda. Credo they live by: There's a snake in my boot!

Arachnophobia- Perfectly rational fear of spiders. Also, a great movie, unfortunately, spiders crawl all over you while you sleep.


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