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Top Ten Most Disliked NFL Players

NFL's most disliked players

Top Ten Most Disliked NFL Players
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The NFL has gone through much ridicule over the last few years from cheating players to players that break the law. However, there are specific players who are more disliked than all the rest. Of course, many Americans have their own opinions about which the most disliked players are as well as their own reasons for disliking them. This writer is particularly against Michael Vick for the crimes he committed against innocent dogs while running a dog-fighting ring. He got off easy compared to the fate of many of his innocent victims and it is all because of his value to the game of football. Michael Vick was instrumental in the deaths of many innocent dogs including multiple puppies that had barely begun to live. When Vick was convicted he was sentenced 548 days in jail and informed that he would never be allowed to own another pet. A little over a year in jail and no pets seems a bit light for a punishment for someone who drowned innocent puppies because they weren’t strong enough to rip apart their fellow canines. In a speech following his sentencing Vick stated his biggest regret about the controversy as the fact that now his daughter could never again have a dog. His biggest regret in the murder and torture of innocent animals was that his child could never have a pet? Something is very wrong about that statement. As part of his so-called, rehabilitation, Vick went around to various schools and locations to speak about the horrible reality of dog fighting, which seems kind of pointless considering he ran his own ring. If it were up to this writer, Vick would still be in jail and would never again be allowed to play the game he loves.

A recent poll conducted by Forbes revealed the top ten most disliked NFL players. The survey was given to Americans from age 13 and up and reached over 1,100 individuals. Here is a list of the NFL players who were on the “dislike,” list:

#10 – Reggie Bush

#9 – Carson Palmer


#8 – Tom Brady


#7 – Tony Romo


#6 – Jay Cutler


#5 – Mark Sanchez


#4 – Ben Roethlisberger


#3 – Ndamukong Suh


#2 – Manti Te’o


#1 – Michael Vick


Once again the Falcons’ quarterback not only makes the list of disliked NFL players, but he tops it coming it as the number one most disliked NFL player. All of these players that have made the above list have been involved in something controversial, whether it be leaving his pregnant girlfriend for a Victoria’s Secret model or dating a Kardashian, they all made headlines for reasons that were less than controversial. How do you feel the list stacks up?

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