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Tori Spelling Calls Katie Holmes "Plastic" and a "Robot" in New Book

Bullying, thy name is celebrity tell-all.
Tori Spelling Calls Katie Holmes "Plastic" and a "Robot" in New Book
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Reality television star Tori Spelling throws some serious shade at actress Katie Holmes in her new book Spelling It Like It Is, and what she may think is juicy gossip that her fans will love reading comes off as nothing more than an attempt to sell her book, and a catty one at that. 

Former Beverly Hills 90210 star Spelling now calls Holmes “plastic” and “miserable” in her book, though when the two first met back in the ‘90s through a mutual friend, Spelling thought Holmes was “adorable.”

Apparently things took a turn for the worse in their relationship when Spelling and Holmes ran into each other outside Spelling’s former vocal coach’s studio.  Despite what Spelling claims was Holmes giving her the cold shoulder, Spelling retaliates as if Holmes slept with her husband or did something equally hurtful.

Spelling was dumbfounded that Holmes didn’t even know Spelling had kids.  Specifically, she states: “Come on…I know you're busy. But you’re in the public eye. Don’t tell me you don’t follow the tabloids. Don’t tell me you don’t know anything about other celebrities and their kids."

Don’t they tell you to specifically avoid reading the tabloids when you’re famous?  From the sound of it, Spelling treats tabloids like the general public treats annual Christmas cards or church newsletters. 

Spelling refers to Holmes as being “plastic…in a perfectly polite way.”  The fact that Holmes has chosen not to make the activities of Spelling’s family the center of her universe has irritated Spelling to the point to where she feels the need to attack Holmes’ singing voice, too, saying the latter is a “robot” and “couldn’t sing for sh*t.” 

Spelling goes on to say that her “pits were drenched” from sweating, due to the sheer awkwardness that Holmes had caused her to feel.  At least Spelling then had the sense to own up to being a “mean person” for thinking that.  Very perceptive.

Not one to leave someone be when she’s already knocked them down, Spelling keeps kicking, going on to say that Holmes looks just as “miserable” in real life as she does in the photos the paparazzi take of her.  (Does this make anyone else think of Droopy the dog?)

It wasn’t too long after this incident that Holmes had announced her split from ex-husband Tom Cruise.  Here’s where you would think that Spelling might have apologized.  After all, Holmes may have been trying to avoid talking about family, seeing as how she was experiencing troubles in her own.  But if Spelling had apologized, there’d be no story, and she’s got a book to sell. 

After all, other parts of Spelling’s book detail her complaints about her and McDermott’s “financial setbacks,” which include her not being able to buy a new handbag in years (the horror!), her children being forced to wear hand-me-down clothes, and McDermott not being able to afford a vasectomy.  Ever hear of condoms?

This shouldn’t even be news because the fact that Spelling has to effect the celebrity cliché of publishing a tell-all book to increase her cash flow while Holmes was recently enjoying life in South Africa tells you which woman in this scenario is more grounded (and has more financial stability), plastic or no plastic. 

Plus, however you may feel about Holmes and Cruise’s marriage, at least there were no reports of any cheating going on from either party, while Spelling and husband Dean McDermott’s relationship was founded on it.

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