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Tori Spelling Hospitalized After Catty Comments about Katie Holmes

Tori Spelling Hospitalized After Catty Comments about Katie Holmes
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Tori Spelling has been trying really hard to stay relevant in the ever-changing face of Hollywood. 20 years ago, she was one of the “It” girls with her role on the popular television show, Beverly Hills 90210. And then the show ended and the entire cast pretty much faded back into the woodwork. Tori has been writing books, doing reality television and anything else she can to keep the money rolling in and to hold her place as one of the powerful people in the business. It isn’t working.

Her latest attempt to return to the limelight landed her in the hospital. Tori Spelling wrote another book, this one geared towards being a tell-all about her life with a few anecdotes about other celebrities. Her revelation about Katie Holmes being “plastic” was not only rude, but was really rather uncalled for. However, she had to do something to make her book interesting and getting catty was certainly one way to do it.  Unfortunately, her ploy backfired in a big way.

Tori Spelling wrote about an encounter she had with Katie Holmes in the days before she filed for divorce from Tom Cruise. Tori claimed that Katie was a “robot” and was really quite mean. The mother-of-four didn’t think she said anything bad and was a little surprised when people were offended on Katie’s behalf. The backlash got to her. While on her book tour, she snuck away to a hospital for a few days reveals a source.

The source reports, “Tori was hospitalized for stress and anxiety for a few days because she was receiving a lot of negative feedback about revelations she made in the book and she had no anticipation that it was going to hit a nerve.” Tori’s comments about Katie Holmes were stupid and although they weren’t really anything that hasn’t been said before, it was clearly an attempt to capitalize on Katie’s star status. Tori Spelling was name-dropping because her own name is really not worth much anymore.

It isn’t like her book, Spelling It Like It Is, was a big seller. In fact, the only real interest in it was because of that little blurb about Katie. It isn’t just Katie Holmes that has been sucked in to Tori Spelling’s climb to the top. Apparently, all those parties she throws for her kids are just another photo op to prove she is still somebody in the world of Hollywood. She apparently invites the few celebrity friends she does have and then makes them sign waivers at the door so she can film them at her house for her kid’s birthday party. Or at least that is what another insider says.

The latest report comes on the heels of the news Tori Spelling was hospitalized. This source says that sponsors would pay for the big shindigs and in return, various celebrities were asked to smile for a picture with the sponsor’s product somewhere nearby. The ploy worked for a while until celebrities realized they were being used and stopped showing up to the Spelling parties. The unnamed source says that is what ultimately cost the family their reality show on the Oxygen network. ““Viewers wanted to see Tori interacting with her celebrity friends and throwing these outlandish parties. If they were not attending, there was much less appeal,” explains the insider. Hmm, most people didn’t even know she had a reality show. What is the Oxygen network anyways?

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