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Travel to 3 of America's Most Haunted Destinations

America's 3 most haunted destinations that will scare you socks off!

Travel to 3 of America

Not everyone is a believer to whether a haunted location is in fact hunted by something of the supernatural world, but whether you are a believer or not, some of these locations will bring the chills to the most adventurous people given the right night. Across America there are loads of towns, buildings and areas that have been around it seems since the dawn of the founding of this nation, and in this locations the unknown is taken seriously by the holders of these tales of haunting.


The popularity of the supernatural has been gaining some moment in the recent years, and every so often during the autumn season, Hollywood floods the box office with Vampire and werewolf movies and recreating the fascination of the supernatural across the country.Though Hollywood may bring some unneeded satire to the light of the unknown with some of their featured flicks, these locations are holding strong as a true feat of the supernatural events that occur in select destinations across America.


The first location we come to is Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In the late 1700’s the revolutionary war was taking place, and Fort Mifflin is the only Revolutionary War fort that is in fact still intact from that period.This fort has had a haunted history scary enough to have the local police called to investigate. Children, dogs, a faceless man are all among the things that have been reported to be floating around the fort. The next time you are in the area for the night, try to book your room as close to the fort, especially on Independence Day to catch sight of the Faceless man..


Coming to our second location, The Sultan’s Palace, in New Orleans is a location known to be a house of horrors in the 1800’s. The Sultan who lived in this house during those times was known to have loud parties with lot’s of opium use, though that might not sound like something to cause a haunting, what follows will. This Sultan kept captives in his compound, such as women and children against their will, until one fateful evening. One day the Sultans family was suddenly hacked into pieces by an unknown assailant, while the Sultan himself was buried alive. The killer was never identified to this day, and it’s said you can see his spirit roaming the compound, smelling the hint of opium use and a faint sound of loud music from his parties. The next time you visit Bourbon street, take a side road to the Sultan’s Palace and see if you can join his party, of course without the opium though..


Finally we come to the final and third haunted location in America, The Queen Mary. Though this place is known for promoting it’s haunted claim with more than just a few fliers, The Queen Mary is a must visit if you have the opportunity. In the 1908’s the ship was docked permanently in California, and since then there has been wide reports of ghost children playing in the nursery. Not only that, but a murder was committed in cabin B340, and it’s rumored the ghost can still be heard roaming around, near the fatal cabin. The Queen Mary has a full event in place for the Halloween season, visit their website to find out more info and tickets.


The Halloween spirit is in the air during this time of year, so bring in the spirit right, with finding the most haunted place to visit and set up camp for the night. There is something special about the feeling you get when you are terrified, even though most likely nothing is going to happen (hopefully). What’s the Scariest place you have been to? Did you take it like a champ, or grab onto a random stranger and scream your lungs out?

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