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Travis Aaron Wade – Marching into The Supernatural Fandom

Travis Aaron Wade – Marching into The Supernatural Fandom
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In the Supernatural fandom everyone can fit in and everyone is welcome, especially if they’re guest stars on the hit CW series. Although the series focuses on Sam and Dean Winchester and their hunt to fight and destroy all supernatural beings, the guest appearances are often more anticipated then the boys themselves. And this is no truer than it was when the idea of Cole came around, a vengeful man who saw Dean kill his father years earlier. The catch, Cole knows nothing of the supernatural world and is strictly out to make Dean pay for what he did. 

Although those who try to harm the boys are often disliked, Cole has become an extremely beloved character and we’re sure this is due to the fact that Travis Aaron Wade was the man picked to portray the character. The actor, who is exceptionally talented, seems to have one of the most genuine hearts in Hollywood and we were thrilled to be given the opportunity to speak with him.

BECCA ROSE: What can you tell our readers about Cole Trenton’s future on Supernatural?

TRAVIS AARON WADE: First I would like to say thank you for asking me to do this interview. I can only tell you what I know this far about Cole’s future and that is, I am determined to make Dean pay for the murder of my father. It was a big mistake for Demon Dean to let me live. Cole is a Marine and we do not stop until our mission is complete or we die trying.

BR: Had you been following the show prior to being cast?

TAW: Years ago I went out for the role of Dean, when they were looking for these two brothers. Jensen and I hung around the same group of young actors and so there is a history there. When Jensen got the role I felt at some point production would see me for another role so as an actor I stayed away from watching the show on a regular basis. If we, as actors, become fans of the show its harder for us (or at least me) to sink into that character and that world.  It only took 10 years for me to book a job on Supernatural (lol) I even actually read for the pilot spinoff of Supernatural and my dear friend, Sean Faris, booked that role. But truly I cannot be more thrilled and humbled that when my turn came around it landed on the role of Cole Trenton. I love this character and I love that he plays judge and jury. I firmly believe in karma and I love those characters that get to play just that...

BR: Have you had any fan encounters that have stuck out in your mind?

TAW: Oh yes! So, so many! What I love about this fan base is how much they care! It takes an army to make a difference in the world and that is exactly what the SPN family is! A group of fans have rallied around me to create groups called, #TWADESTERS, #OTW’s and The Official Travis Aaron Wade Fan Club. Jules, Kat, Misty, Lenamarie have been nothing short of amazing.

BR: What was your, “wow,” moment when you realized acting was something you want to do with your life?

TAW: I never saw myself as an artist growing up. I was an athlete and I had aspirations of either playing pro football or coaching. I even thought maybe I’d be a fireman or a police officer. I have always had a passion for helping others. Football was a way for me to take out all of my emotions and aggressions without getting into trouble. It was such an incredible feeling to take all your upsets throughout the week and harness that energy into a sport as in when you physically hit someone with your entire body. Not only would that adrenaline rush feed your soul but the roar of a packed stadium was nothing I thought I could ever feel again after my football career ended. I thought the U.S. Marines was the answer to that void but for several reasons it didn’t feed my soul like playing ball did, plus live rounds have a way of putting the fear of God in you and the minute you see someone’s life taken it no longer feels like a game.

 Then in the late 90s I found the stage. We are trained as Marines to act in such a way that if something traumatic occurs we can react where our emotions or feelings do not jeopardize the situation. When I got out of the military, I was lost in the civilian world. I couldn’t connect with people.

Long story short, I was told to attend an acting class by a friend who informed me it could help reconnect me with people if I opened myself up to the arts. We my first acting school in Hollywood was the Young Actors Space off Van Nuys Blvd, it was run by Diane Hardin and her daughter, Melora. I audited the class for a bit and saw some truly incredible actors (who are now super famous) do unbelievable work on this tiny black stage. I was told I had to put up a scene in class and that I just couldn’t audit. I finally did this scene from Good Will Hunting with this lovely actress named, Natalie, and halfway through the scene I had a nervous breakdown. Not the character in the scene but me, I physically lost it and blacked out. when I came to I was in my car driving. Diane called me and asked why I left. I informed her I hadn’t cried since I saw Braveheart in 1994 and that I was really embarrassed and overwhelmed. Diane said, “I understand Travis but a talent agent was auditing the class and she thinks you have something very special and unique to offer the business.” Diane was also a manager so the fact that she didn’t want to manage me made me question my ability to actually act. Regardless, Diane said, “You need to come back,” and I did.

Judy Savage was my first agent and one of my first auditions was Black Hawk Down, and while I did get the role I met Tom Hardy, Ben Foster, Orlando Bloom and the rest of the cast auditioning for that film as well as the director, Ridley Scott. You can say that whole process was a “wow” moment and I knew then I wanted to do this the rest of my life. AND I DID.

I accepted, over the years, that acting is not a quick fix. It is a lifelong journey with no guarantees. I didn’t approach acting hoping I got lucky. I approached it as if I would approach being a doctor or a lawyer. I spent years in school studying my craft and the entire history and origins of acting. I learned Shakespeare and studies all the methods until I found mine. The one day I realized that I had earned the right to be a working actor. It took 15 years and I still struggle at times but the one thing I am sure of is that I learned it. I found my calling in this life through living my life. I didn’t become an actor, it became me.  

BR: Other than acting, what are you most passionate about? 

TAW: Helping others. Truly, I love to help people, especially those that have the same drive and passion that I have for this work and this life. I am not consumed by acting or the business but I am attracted to those who are driven in this life and come to me with that fire!

BR: What other projects are you working on that you can tell our readers about? 

TAW: Right now I am really looking forward to seeing the 5 films I shot this year come out in 2015. I am also really excited about November 25th and seeing the return of Col. I have come to love this characters and as I sink deeper into his life and history I get thrilled at the idea of bringing his past and present into my future. I read somewhere that only 2% of actors work? Well I sit here beyond humbled and blessed that the entertainment industry and the fans have finally embraced the years that I have put in

It has given me that platform to truly help those individuals that support our careers because without the fans we have nothing and I know what nothing feels like and I prefer something over nothing.

I take none of this for granted and I thank you for taking the time to reach out to me for this interview. Thank you!


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