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“Try the Grey Stuff it’s Delicious Don’t Believe Me Ask the Dishes” at ‘Be Our Guest’

“Try the Grey Stuff it’s Delicious Don’t Believe Me Ask the Dishes” at ‘Be Our Guest’

You have all seen the movie and you know the words to “Be Our Guest,” by heart, it’s okay you can admit it.  Disney’s hit cartoon movie, “Beauty and The Beast,” was one of the companies’ best films and had some of the most lavish scenes and catchy songs. So it was no surprise when Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida opened their newest theme restaurant, ‘Be Our Guest.’

The restaurant, located in the Beast’s castle in Fantasyland, puts diners right into the beautiful ballroom from the movie’s most famous scene and song. From the moment you approach the restaurant and walk along the bridge, through the iron gates and into the main hallway you are hit with memories from the film and the idea that you are being transported to a magical castle where furniture comes to life.

Before the meal begins the waiters go through a brief explanation of the restaurant and encourage diners to check out it in its entirety. The study houses pictures from the film and further customer tables along with a beautiful and comfortable lounge area. Of course, it wouldn’t be the Beast’s castle without the West Wing and the infamous red rose that sat protected beneath a glass case. Walking into the room gave this writer chills as she expected the Beast to ferociously kicks us out of the room, like he did with Belle in the film.

Tables are spread out like a chess board around the grand ballroom sitting beneath the same ceiling that Belle and the Beast danced under in the film. Hostesses guide diners to their tables with the help of a little light from Lumiere. The Beast himself even makes an appearance waiting for diners to finish their meals and greet them in the library.

Music from the film serenade diners as they indulge in various American dishes from steaks to fishes and even some outstanding soups. This writer decided to try their French Onion Soup and did so with no regrets. Every bite was like walking through another piece of paradise. The cheese combined with the sweet taste of onion and bread make this the perfect starter to the meal. No matter what item customer pick as their entree they are going to be satisfied with their decision. The food is cooked to perfection and is as tasty as it would be were one dining in an actual castle.

For dessert the waiters wheel over a tray of choices from cheesecake to chocolate cake and of course, “The Grey Stuff, which sits atop a delicious chocolate cookie cake. Needless to say this is their most popular item and it is definitely delicious, just as the dishes and Lumiere said it would be.

This is a must do when visiting Walt Disney World but you’re going to have to book your reservation in advance because this is one of the most difficult places to get a table. But it is definitely worth the wait.

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