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Ubuntu Tutorials: Installing Restricted-Extras

Install The Ubuntu Restricted-Extras And Get You Audio & Video Formats To Work
Ubuntu Tutorials: Installing Restricted-Extras

UBUNTU-- Unfortunately for us Linux users, distros like Ubuntu are not the norm when it comes to operating systems like Apple's’ OSX and even that one with the blue screen of death. However that doesn't mean our friendly Ubuntu developers haven't put together a package that will make having most media playback a thing of possibilities.

The Ubuntu Restricted-Extras is a common recommendation when it comes to a fresh installation of any Ubuntu version. I personally recommend it as being one of the top 10 things you do as soon as you boot into your fresh Ubuntu install every single time.

Now of course, just like 99% of everything found in the Linux community, the package is completely free and should only take a few minutes to download and install. To do so just type the following command into your terminal or you can always just copy and paste it if it is easier.

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

That isn’t too hard now is it? So when you try and play a certain media type it should be successful in it’s playback. This goes for both audio and video based file types, though for the few exceptions you may need to download or type another command in the terminal for it to work.

If that happens to be the case then I suggest trying to Google it first, you can always leave a comment and I may be able to assist you, but if it is something way out there, then I may have to point you in another direction. For those of you that are interested in learning about some multimedia applications that are available for Linux, you can click the following link, Linux MultimediaApplications.

Finally, those of you that want to know more about the available “free-formats” for Linux, you can click this link, FreeFormats for Linux. Free Formats are just as they sound, free, as there are some media formats(file types) that are owned by a company, and to use those would be illegal unless you paid a royalty fee.

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