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Understanding SEO Tactics In Layman Terms - Part 1

What does Search Engine Optimization really mean in laymen terms
Understanding SEO Tactics In Layman Terms - Part 1

SEO-- There is no denying that the internet has revolutionized the way the world works today, not only that but how it is going to operate into the foreseeable future. Even in knowing this, are there plenty of business owners, bloggers and every other profession lacking the understanding of how important SEO really is. However before we go on any further it might be best to know what SEO stands for if you already don’t know.

S- Search

E- Engine

O- Optimization

What does Search Engine Optimization really mean in laymen terms? Well for starters its all about page rankings within a particular search engine. For this article i’ll stick to one search engine in Google, as t is by far the most widely used search engine globally. A page rank is where your current website, article or blog is indexed within a Google search. So for example is a user types in “restaurants in Los Angeles” within Google search, where(if you were a restaurant owner) is your website located in the search results.

Simply building a website and publishing it for users to see will not get you to the top of a search ranking, if you are lucky enough to live in an area in which you are one of the only ones to be offering a selective service or product, then it may be a bit easier to get to the top of the search results. That is however, only in your regional area and when a user includes the city/town name along with the search term that is in relation to you.

So how can you increase your search engine ranking? For starters the key phrase “content is king” is the most important place to begin. Great content is important but so is making sure constant content is being produced as well. Google uses something called “web crawlers”, and the best way to explain it is if you imagine the world wide web as a literal web.

Each website is connected together through links known as “backlinks”, and the more you produce content on your website while connecting your website through backlinks to other websites the better your ranking will increase. Now this doesn't mean fill up a page full of links, as Google is constantly updating the way there search engine rankings operate. This is why having a SEO specialist is more important than ever before.

The rules for SEO change drastically on a yearly basis and there is so many tips and tricks that can be used to get your business in a better position than the competition.  If you are looking to get an SEO specialist to take a look at your business, then look no further than myself. I’m always willing to see how your business is operating and what I can do to not only increase your search ranking, but also help drive in more business.

Jonathan Parkinson:
Covering Traveling, Technology & Sports, whether it’s through my writing or creating videos, unique content is what I like to do. As an SEO specialist I ensure the work I do is 100% optimized for the best page rankings possible. Visit my website for various links to content I've created around the web. When I’m not writing or making videos, I enjoy a bit of footy and traveling the world.

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