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US Judge Loretta Preska Ruling Has Made American Technology Untrustworthy

Another sad sad day in the US judicial system

US Judge Loretta Preska Ruling Has Made American Technology Untrustworthy

WORLDWIDE-- A sad sad day in the technological revolution was confirmed as US Judge Loretta Preska ruled in favor of the US Government in allowing them to view overseas data, destroying any privacy one may have thought they had. This past Thursday morning, the Judge took only 2 hours to make a decision that will go on to affect billions across the globe, and what do you know she did it so fast she was still able to make lunch with her other corrupt colleagues.

Personally speaking, I have been an advocate in getting a more youthful and technological savvy personal in place to deal with such matters. When you are from a time that was not online like it is today and have little to no knowledge on how everything works, you should not be able to make any judgement on the matter. This is just another example of old school politics in a world in which we are trying to evolve past such petty situations. Money talks however.

Edward Snowden had left little to the imagination on how major US corporations were spying on it’s citizens and relaying the data to the NSA. Though as time has gone on, the US citizens have grown to understand the scenario and have chosen to either use the services still or just move on. This however is not the case when it comes to overseas, and this ruling is going to put an even farther gap between the world uniting and, yep you guessed it, more potential for wars.

This could have some major blowback as countries will look at other means to using the internet, and who knows, maybe the rest of the world will build their own internet and we here in the US can be left playing by ourselves, like the loner that gets made fun of at school. While people in Chicago die daily, the homeless increases in Los Angeles,  Detroit is still suffering and so on, our military presence increases along with the death toll by US backed wars.

The Judges ruling is kind of comical to be honest, as to what she believes is since a company like Microsoft is a US based corporation, that an office located in Dublin Ireland is still sanctioned to a search warrant. The problem here is that corporate location in Dublin pays taxes to Ireland and highers locals. I guess when a nation is Trillions of dollars in debt, they need to make sure they can still own peoples rights in order to never have to pay it back.

This is a sad ruling for the Freedom of the Internet, all it will take is an email that is used out of context to rally up the mass media outlets in turning out the fear factors. The same fear factor that was used to back Israel in the mass murders of innocent children in this, what more and more people are agreeing on, a genocide. No doubt there are threats around the world, but threatening these other threats is not the smartest way of going about it, that is unless you tend to make a profit on war.

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