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USB-C Is A Game Changer For All


USB-C Is A Game Changer For All
Image Edited By Jonathan Parkinson

SIMPLICITY-- Rushing out the door on a business trip grabbing every chord in sight as you stuff them into your book bag alongside your tablet and/or smartphone. Upon reaching your destination you pull out your laptop and realize you are glad to see that you brought all your cables as you need a charge while looking to stream your laptops display for the entire room in the business meeting you traveled to overseas.

This is where the bad news kicks in and you come to realize that you forgot one of the cables you need to make this all possible. No one in the room has one that would work, but soon this will be one less worry we will have to deal with thanks to the newly released USB-C.

What is USB-C? Well it is the evolution of not only the standard USB ports but all ports on computing devices. Gone are the worries you are plugging in your cable upside down, gone are the dozen cables with a dozen or so different connection types. USB-C can be used for display, audio and even power based cables, so this is something that has been way overdue.

Finally it seems that Google, Apple and Windows are all looking to play ”nice” even though this may have been something that was forced onto them rather than openly campaigning to do so. Years ago manufacturers of devices on the Android platform were forced to make universal charging/data cables due to the landfills becoming overwhelmingly flooded with obsolete cables.

This new USB-C port will not be an overnight switch as there will be plenty of devices that will continue to use the “older” USB styles until becoming relics themselves. However what we will start to see if more room being freed up to build smaller computing devices now multiple kinds of ports will not be needed. So hopefully more battery time can be added to the new generation of devices as that seems to be the most sought after upgrade for most consumers.

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