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Verizon Wireless Looks To Get Even Faster With XLTE Looking To Roll-out Around The Nation

Verizon customers are going to get double the bandwidth speeds for their mobile devices, but it will only apply to the Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s.

Verizon Wireless Looks To Get Even Faster With XLTE Looking To Roll-out Around The Nation
VERIZON-- Well it looks like Christmas might be coming a little sooner to Verizon wireless customers as the company announces that higher data speeds are on the way. Running on the AWS spectrum, this rumor had first been reported by a few sources but later confirmed by @evleaks through their infamous Twitter account. Exactly when this new speed will be delivered to their customers is not yet known, but most speculation points to it happening sometime this year.

With competition always fierce between the big mobile service providers, this new speed will only have potential customers looking at it with consideration while the current subscribers will have a big smile on their face.Though we don’t know exactly when the service will be available, Verizon is expected to make an announcement next week to shed some light on the topic.

Samsungs newest handset, the Galaxy S5 along with the Motorola M8 are reportedly the first two handsets to be given the chance to test the new XLTE by Verizon. Even though it is only up to 2 devices so far, it shouldn't take long for more devices to be included, many speculate it shouldn't take more than a month for the flood gates to open up and then most of Verizon's newer handsets will have access to the faster network.

With the past year or so being focused on price adjustments by most of the big mobile service providers, it looks like Verizon is taking a stab at data speeds. This isn't the first time Verizon was first to the action in terms of increasing speeds, LTE was implemented first in the US by them as well. Since the original release of Verizon's LTE has the data speeds dropped a bit as more and more users join the 700mhz spectrum.

This could be the answer all Verizon customers are looking for, the best part is Verizon has agreed to not charge the user any more for getting “double the bandwidth.” Take a look at the video below of a leaked commercial from the mobile service provider.


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