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Visiting The City of Lights with Erica Cerra

Visiting The City of Lights with Erica Cerra
Photo Credit: Liz Rosa

The 100 is one of those shows that caught viewers by the hearts and tugged until they had no choice but to watch week after week with their eyes glued to the screen. The characters were intoxicating and the story line, truly one of a kind and it only gets better as the seasons continue. 

This season a new element has been added into the series. The element of artificial intelligence and it is causing some major tension among the people of the ark and their former leader, Jaha. And the AI behind said tension, a beautiful figment of Jaha's imagination, Allie. 

So who is the actress behind the seductive AI? That would be the sensationally talented, Erica Cerra with whom we had the pleasure of speaking about Allie and what is coming next.

BECCA ROSE: Tell our readers a little bit more about Allie.

ERICA CERRA: She is an AI built to save the human race. Not much more I can say, more of her storyline will be revealed each episode. 

BR: Which of Allie's qualities drew you into the role? 

EC: Playing an AI is a first for me, it was a fun challenge!

BR: Were you a fan of the books prior to being cast on the series?

EC: Honestly, I had never seen the show until cast and then power watched 2 seasons on Netflix! 

BR: If you had a choice to spend your life with the people of the Ark, the Grounders or with the Mountain people, who would you pick?

EC: Grounders! Hands down! 

BR: If you were forced to leave earth and live on the Ark but could only bring one book, one CD, and one other person with you what/who would you bring?

EC: My husband and daughter, and no book or CD!


You can follow Erica on her social media accounts and keep up with what's she up to next: 

Twitter - @ericacerra 

Instagram - Erica Cerra 

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